Twelve South Bookbook: Now Available for the Iphone 4 (S)

The man with the notebook on the ear

“Not again!” Now think the readers of my previous Cyberbloc product presentations.Especially when it is once again a product of Twelve South. “But! Dear Readers. “I did it again and let it go. “BookBook revisited” is called in English a review from the time distance or just when there is something new again: this time the BookBook for the iPhone 4/4S. If you do not want to read further, my short conclusion: You do not have it, can do as a dandy but not on it.
But in turn
The American company Twelve South is now known for its stylish accessories for Apple products. The BookBooks for MacBook and iPad have already been discussed in detail . The sophisticated luxury cases, in the style of a book-like leather band, not only protect the beloved electronics gadgets perfectly against shocks during transport, but also give the computer goods an exquisite touch.

The antique worn-out, brown leather cover with gold rim is a real eye-catcher. In every pedestrian zone and in every café their owner first gets questioning and mostly envious looks.But also irritated laughers when suddenly the smartphone camouflaged as a hardcover is ringing and the owner holds his Adversaria to the phone to the ear. Surprisingly, this is not just the case for children’s eyes when the man is talking with his diarium at the ear. But why not? During the lifetime of the Spanish artist Salvador Dali, this aesthetic exaltation would have been a provocation of art at the same time.

On good Bavarian
“Wurschd is”. With a folded-over case cover, it is easy to make calls, so that it is not noticeable whether one is now talking with his diary telephonic conversations or patiently trying in endless litanies, by his replacement “Siri”-Apples new, more or less intelligent assistant-by voice control New dictations. As a dandy are on the hard asphalt of the boulevard eh the Depp.

Dr. Jones Records
The BookBook for iPhone 4/4S, like its big siblings, is a handmade single item. The worn-out vintage look gives it the look, as if it had existed with Indiana Jones already several adventures. Visually, the cover looks as if it had already passed through many hands as an heirloom. As if innumerable generations of ancestors have passed it.

Perfect fit
The smartphone finds a secure and tight grip in the case. The upper flap protects against falling out. All controls and inputs are exemplary, so that the device does not have to be removed from the bag for charging. It can also be used for listening to music in the jacket or trouser pocket.

Petting 2012
Fummeln, however, is not spared anybody who likes to use his iPhone for snapping. Then, however, the BookBook reveals a small weakness. There is no opening for the rear Kameralinse. If you like to take pictures often, your iPhone always has to push a little bit upwards from the sleeve. Darn!

Perfect to cheat
If you like a great Facebooker, chatter or WebSurfer, the bookcover is pleased. The left table next door in the school or university can not see, therefore, to whom you just write a secret message. Deeply religious contemporaries could use their little “songbook” almost also in the fair. “He was good again, our boy. Scheen has seen him singing in his hymnbook during the church, “the grandmother will praise her grandmother for the Christian faith in front of the dear kinship.

Practically also a wallet
If you would like to do without the big money bag or the necessary small money on the way, his plastic money and his EU driving license can quickly plug into the designated card slots.Even for a few small notes, there’s a slot. Then you should put his BookBook with the front side down on the table. Because the deficiency to be criticized by this beautiful protective cover is the fact that it has no magnetic, pressure or Velcro closure. Flush only closes the case when the iPhone as a paperweight rests on the cover. Why the designers could not think of a better solution…

Little tear to the end
Another small swoon of sadness might be the selling price. The smart BookBook for the iPhone 4/4S costs at Cyberport currently currently 59.90 euros. Well, the products of Twelve South stand for an exquisite taste and noble design. Pure luxury.