Twelve Amazing Bikes Created by Car Makers

Several Automakers Started Their Lives As Bicycle Manufacturers, Including Mercedes-Benz And Peugeot.

More than a century later, many of these brands still produce and sell two-wheeled vehicles, usually in much smaller numbers than their big motorized stars.

In honor of the Tour de France, which is in full swing, we selected 12 models that have brought memorable moments to fans of cycling and motor racing.

Aston Martin

Made of carbon fiber, with hidden hydraulic brake wires on the frame, electronic gearshift and built-in LED headlamps, the Aston Martin One-77 model is probably the most luxurious version possible for a street bike.

Like the One-77 limited edition supercar that inspired it, this bike is also one of the most expensive in history: it costs $ 39,000.


The Italian automaker transferred its concept of making cars for the masses to bicycles.

The foldable 500 Lounge Model is designed to fit in the Fiat 500’s trunk with the door closed – something that the automaker ensures is possible.


The German luxury car maker has been one of the most active in the world of cycling, having recently presented a concept model of an e-bike and a race bike of $ 19,500 ($61, 5 thousand).

It is possible that the e-bike (pictured above) will not be commercially produced, but Audi claims that it will assemble 50 of the racing models, along with Germany’s Lightweight.

Each carbon fiber bike will weigh just 5.8 pounds.


Inspired by the BMW M3 super car, the M series bikes have a starting price of $ 1,350 (about R $ 4,300). To maximize brand loyalty, the automaker sells accessories with its logo.


The British manufacturer of sports cars does not produce bicycles, but in 2014 it authorized Pinarello to use its wind tunnel to develop the fearsome Dogma F8 racing bike.

As a sponsor of Team Sky on the Tour de France, Jaguar also follows the team with bikes and extra parts installed on the roof of an F-Type or an XF Sport brake, like the photo above.


Since 2014, the Argentine bicycle market has creations from the American automaker.

Among the available models are a folding, a mountain bike and options for children.Prices range from US $ 375 (R $ 1.2 thousand) to US $ 925 (R $ 2.9 thousand).


For $3,695-little more than a used Ford Mustang on the American market – this electric bike can travel up to 48 kilometers without needing to be recharged, at a top speed of 32 km/h, depending Of the terrain and the weight of the rider.

With aluminum frame, it weighs just over 28 pounds.


Synonymous with off-road adventures, Jeep leveraged the brand’s strength in this segment to launch a line of bicycles for the same purpose.

Named after the SUV models, the bikes cost up to $ 500 (almost $ 1,600) each.


As one of the most coveted car brands in the world, it is natural for a Lamborghini bike to cost the same or more than many popular automobiles – $ 32,000 (just over $ 100,000).

The robot-framed carbon fiber frame and leather-lined handlebars were built by Impec, the luxury division of BMC, a Swiss manufacturer of bicycles that are loved by its owners, as well as Lamborghinis by its drivers.


Toyota’s luxury model arm followed two paths through the world of cycling-one real and one imaginary.

The concept NXB mountain bike concept, presented at the Tokyo Motor Show in 2013, is the brand’s fantasy. The F-Sport race bike (above), made of carbon fiber, went on sale in Japan.

Like the Lexus LF-A supercar that inspired it, the price is quite exclusive-about $ 11,000.


The brand’s three-pointed star graces some of the most expensive cars on the planet, but Mercedes-Benz bikes are sold at prices that can compete with those of other similar models.

The most expensive ones are the men’s, reaching $ 2,000 – almost the same as a new set of wheels for the E-Class sedan.

The brand also makes feminine and children’s models, all adorned with its famous emblem.


The French carmaker remains strong in the bicycle market, offering a catalog with more than 50 models.

One of the highlights is the AE21 e-bike, which attracts the brand’s loyal public as well as its race, ride and trail bikes.