Turtle Beach PX4 Headphones Review

Turtle Beach PX4 (€169)

Turtle Beach takes these things very seriously and very serious are the headphones Turtle Beach PX4. They have a small processing unit that must be connected to the PS4 via optical. From that moment, it handles Dolby Digital signals and sends them wirelessly to the headphones with the proper surround sound. Work with the Xbox 360, with the PS4 and the PS3- but not with the Vita, have it in has.

Best price found: €169
Still not have found a pair of headphones that really believe an experience of cinema in house 5.1 and the PX4 not are the exception. However, they are not far and offer an extra level of immersion in the worlds of your game, as well as more precise placement of effects such as the steps that can give you an advantage in the competition.

Still you need to use a cable between the headset and the controller, which is a shame, but if you want a clear and dynamic sound that does not wake up your neighbors, the PX4 are difficult to overcome.

Turtle Beach Stealth 500 p (€119)

The best headphones PS4 at http://www.smartercomputing.org/2016/03/07/vintage-bluetooth-headphones-shk4000tl-for-kids/.

Main features:

  • Are wonderfully well made
  • High quality audio
  • Completely wireless
  • Delete Active of the noise

Although the Turtle Beach Stealth 500 p are some headphones excellent all-terrain, when we combine them with the PS4 is when they really stand out. They may suppose an investment of around 350 euros but you will get all what you expect of them.

Best price found: 119€
Firstly, have active noise cancellation for travel and Headphones DTS, surround 7.1 Surround Sound and programmable audio features for specific games. Turtle Beach has also added a Chat Boost Dynamic that guarantees that you will hear your companions above the noise of gunfire.

The transmitter/charger wireless you can connect to the PS3, the PS4, the PC and the MAC using an optical audio connection and a micro USB. In addition, as it also has Bluetooth, you can sync your phone to listen to music and receive calls while you play.

Of course, what it makes to them Stealth 500 p in them best headphones PS4 is the made of that is one of them sets with better sound of which have tested. Both the low and high end sound absolutely impressive, making games and music to life.

Finally, even there is software for PC and for MAC and an application Android to load those profiles of audio specific of games as Battlefield or Titanfall.