Tulle Skirt Fashion Trends

If you think of tulle thing, or rather, who comes to mind? I bet a blonde, curly, New York, and with some very special friends. We’re talking about her, the idol of many fashion conscious women and love affairs: Carrie Bradshaw. It ”s, in fact, the iconic tulle skirt that many episodes has made it elegant, sexy and funny as he ran for the streets of the Big Apple to get her prince or trusted friends the stars of Sex and the City.

The tulle back predominant on the runways both the collections for spring / summer 2015 in the autumn / winter, but not limited to: the trend also suggests online and say it is the king of search engines, Google.

Last March, the network giant has released its first ” Fashion Trend Report ” which reported through Google Data the most searched words in fashion: in one year the popularity of the tulle skirt has risen a lot, with a + 34 % in searches (January 2014 – January 2015). The research was carried out with reference to the United States, where users have sought tulle skirts of all colors with an emphasis on classic shades such as red, black and white. According to this study, the user is not limited only to look for stores where to buy them, but also look for the easiest ways to create at home this garment to ensure that your midi skirt is unique: on plus-size-tips, in fact, you can find about 20,000 tutorials on ‘topic.

This fabric is not only for the dancers, then: the tulle skirts (preferably midi or long) are excellent for a casual look, but still chic, especially when worn with sneakers and strictly bare legs ( the contrast tulle / sock would not right in!). Other tips to also wear them during the day? Damp romance of this head with a nail leather, t-shirt or a shirt in one-color jeans, while in the evening yes to heels and stilettos for a look which Carrie would be proud. Many fashion designers have included in their collections this fabric: Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren, Burberry, Les Copains who audited put ballerina tutu with pastel colors, fabric contrasts, gauzy skirts and long dresses dream.

So what are you waiting to create your tulle skirt to feel the modern princesses?