Trumpet Mermaid Evening Dress

Left: Evening dress trumpet vintage gold

center: Evening Dress Trumpet one shoulder pink vintage
Right: Evening dress tulle mermaid watermelon boat neck

The mermaid evening gown is both sexy and irresistible as it gives you the wearer an hourglass silhouette. That is why the mermaid evening gown and trumpet is so desirable and elegant in the eyes of women and men!

What are the mermaid and trumpet styles?

Siren or sometimes called fish tail consists of an adjusted tight bodice and a flared skirt at the knees, this type of dress is reminiscent of a mermaid or fishtail.

Trumpet is a style characterized by a fitted bodice and a flared skirt to mid-thigh , this dress looks like a trumpet, hence the name.

The charms of an evening gown mermaid and trumpet
  1. Silhouette elegant and glamorous.
    2.Add a sexy feminine touch.
    3. Highlight the curves of your figure.
Are mermaid evening gowns and trumpet suitable for all body types?

Absolutely. Whether you have a silhouette pear , H , apple , inverted pyramid or hourglass, you can wear a dress mermaid and trumpet. However, be aware that the mermaid and trumpet dresses highlight the curves of your waist and hips. They also show your belly.

If you do not want to draw attention to these parties, it must renounce the mermaid and trumpet styles because you need to be a very confident woman to wear this kind of vintage evening gowns.

Here’s a mermaid evening gowns list and trumpet Sky Paris selected for you:

You can order customized for a perfect fit!

  • Evening dress lovely pink pearl floral trumpet
  • Mermaid evening gown single ruby
  • Strapless evening dress original brown mermaid
  • Evening dress beautiful black strapless trumpet
  • Evening dress champagne trumpet original heart
  • Pretty evening dress mermaid strapless ruby
  • Evening dress blue strapless trumpet beautiful sky
  • Evening dress royal blue heart sublime trumpet
  • Black Evening Dress Mermaid V-Neck Charming

We also carry mermaid dresses or large trumpet until 9XL or 26W. Feel free to take a look at our online store .

The mermaid and trumpet styles are elegant and charming without being extremely sexy.If you hesitate between these two types of dress, choose without thinking too much, trust your own taste!