Troubleshoot Problems with Hikvision Cameras

Here’s how to solve the main image problems that can occur with Hikvision cameras.

Troubleshoot Problems with Hikvision Cameras

Why Is The Picture Clear During The Day And Out Of Focus In The Late Afternoon/Evening? 
The light is strong/abundant during the day and the iris is small, the depth of field becomes larger when focusing. However, the iris becomes larger during the late afternoon/evening due to the low light and the depth of fields and becomes smaller, which causes the object being monitored to leave the depth of field (to be out of focus).
To solve, please set the camera to electronic shutter mode when you try to focus using the auto iris of the lens (the auto iris would be the largest), then switch back to auto iris mode. Or try focusing under low light conditions.

Why Is The Image Blurry? 
1 -If the problem is resolution/resolution, please check if it is the best resolution supported.
2 -If the problem is the quality of the lens, please check if there is any damage to the lens, or if there is fog/smoke, dust or other things that can block the light.
3 -If you failed to focus, please try to adjust the lens or focus again. If there is no result, please try adjusting the Focus ring.
4 -If it is the first time installing the device, please check the lens interface. If the lens has the type C mount, the C/CS adapter must be used.

Why Are There White Dots In The Image? 
1 -If there is pollution/dirt on the sensor, please refer the camera to an RMA Center.
2 -If it is an infrared (IR) camera, please check if the lens is not near the glass or if there is anything that might reflect the IR light.
3 -There are bad spots on the camera. Analog cameras can detect this problem by using the detect bad spots function.

Color Distortion
1 -White balance problems are related to the color temperature, please select the appropriate white balance mode.
2 -The incidence of low light can result in noise which in turn can cause color distortion.
3 -White exposure (eg too strong sunlight) can cause color distortion.

Why Is There Interference? 
1 -Please check if there is any strong interference source nearby.
2 -Please check that the voltage is stable in the camera.
3 -please make sure the camera has been properly grounded.