Triple Punch Fashion Rings

The Rings have always been the head of the women, but nothing compares to this day. If before they were used only to officiate a relationship or as a way to beautify the hands of young people, today they became article. And not just one or two no, it has to be three.

The Triple Rings appeared first among the fashionistas. As always, in the beginning were considered eccentricity and exaggeration, but little by little they just turning the sweet spot of the most tuned. Today are what we call a world trend, for all tastes and styles.

Inspired by brass knuckles, accessory used as a weapon, the triple ring won an amazing remodeled and now is an accessory for women, girly. These rings are also known as Punch, as have two or even three hoops of various models.

Some people prefer the more discreet, with small details and separated. There are those who do not save in the sparkles and beyond to choose pieces, opt for flashy colors possible. This type of attachment, is more suitable for large events.

The most common models bring precious stones, pearls, crystals and shapes of animals, skulls, hearts, flowers and words. Some models end up being even more stripped and go beyond, appear in the version of four United rims. On top of that, it’s just perfect nails and destroy!