Tricks to Sharpen the Silhouette and Look Taller and Leaner!

Having the body and height of the beauties that parade on the fashion catwalks is not for anyone! To have a body healed until you can run after … but who was born to be short, there is no way: short will be!

Marilyn Monroe already said that the person who invented the high heels was the greatest of geniuses, and we all agree with her is not it !? After all, with the high heels, we can go out and show off our beauty in the heights without even having contact with the luck of having more than 1.60 m.

It turns out that looking high and slim and fine-tuning the silhouette is the desire of 8 out of 10 women … so we’ve decided to list here for you some tricks for you to reach your goal!

– Attention To The Colors Of Shoes And Belts

Wearing a black belt in a beige dress, for example, cuts off your silhouette and makes you appear to be shorter than it is! The rule applies to any color other than the one you are wearing! The highlighted belt attenuates the horizontal line and does not value your vertical lines!

Nude shoes create the impression of continuity of legs and make you look slimmer! Shoes with ankles or cufflinks at the ankles flatten the silhouette according to hyperrestaurant!

– Warning For Decote

Canoe decks do not value your height! They take all the attention to the extension of your shoulders and consequently flatten the silhouette! Choose “V” necklines that enhance your lap and breasts! They draw attention to the vertical line of your body creating the illusion of stretching!

– Attention To The Model Of Pants

Flare pants are best suited for this purpose! The more hidden your shoes are, the more likely you are to be taller and thinner! Short trousers that catch the shins should be avoided!

– Attention To The Accessories

Long necklaces help create the illusion of stretching! Invest in strings and larger pendants!

– Haircut

Long hair works for those who already have a long neck! Now if you have the short neck invest in the mid and short cuts … they will lengthen your lap and create the illusion of stretching the silhouette!

– The Same Color Boots

When wearing boots, match their color with the color of socks … continuity gives the impression that their legs are longer!