Trial: Internal Samsung Document Revealed

The lawsuit between Apple and Samsung provide a lot of new revelations. An internal Samsung document reveals maybe they copied the iPhone.

For small two weeks ago began one of the major lawsuits between Apple and Samsung, which by and large is that Apple accusing Samsung of having used some patents and designs which are unique to the iPhone.

Apple has presented us with a proven, as they believe, without a doubt, places the blame with Samsung. There are many documents presented during the trial, which among other things also shows Apple has drawn inspiration from Sony. But now Apple has found a document among Samsung’s forward showing Samsung’s Galaxy S in direct comparison with the iPhone. The document is back from 2. March 2010, and clearly shows they have compared their product with the largest competitor on the iPhone.

Apple also believes, however, that the document is hiding references to how Samsung must introduce features and technology that must get Galaxy smartphones to be closer to iPhones.

There are instructions in the document, which calls for changing the design so that it doesn’t resemble Apple’s iPhone so much. It is these Apple alludes to.

The case is not yet complete, but should you feel like you can see the entire document here.