Trend Alert: Almond Shaped Nails Manicure

The almond-shaped nails are the most popular trend in summer 2014 manicure. You’ve never heard of? Then you should definitely take a look at our gallery, you will find lots of ideas to be copied and who knows that you don’t want to try a manicure so angular.

At first glance the reaction can be to ghastliness, especially if they are very long and very dark, but the manicure trends stretched for some months now is the most requested especially by those who have difficulty making elongate your nails. So, but surely you will have already noticed, the manicure summer 2014 is very angular, streamlined and pointed, and his almond-shaped no doubt recalls the typical manicure degli anni ‘ 50. Like it or not the trend is this!

But the oval and pointed nails are good at all? Basically Yes, provided, however, that the effect you like, but especially give especially to those who have very slender fingers tapered or: in this sense, the almond-shaped nails can camouflage the appearance of your hands. This type of manicure is usually designed for people by nature manages to keep long fingernails with base, so if you have very short because they are weak and break easily, the only option for you is the reconstruction with the gel, making them robust and resistant and also allows you to lengthen them greatly.

Also in this case regarding colors and decorations there is an embarrassment of choice: you can opt for a metal or satin color shades to give your manicure look different, or bet on or sherbet pastel color. The more experienced can also have fun experimenting new nail art, and if you have little imagination we advise you to take a look at our gallery.