Traveling in Jeans and T-Shirt

Apologies for the delay for the second post of Ko Phi Phi, but the trip really come on and internet is not always the easiest things to find here. We spent 4 days in Ko Phi Phi. And I could spend a whole month there. For those who are planning a visit to Thailand, I strongly suggest this strategy of spending a few days on the beach after passing through Bangkok. The city is so crazy that some days in tranquility of southern islands are needed before moving again to busiest destinations. Nothing like swimming with Nemo to make us relax.

But, unfortunately, everything went faster than I’d like and keep moving.The next target was Chiang Mai, in northern Thailand. That is, a more than 6-hour trip that would begin with one foot in the sand and end at the airport. Look for the saga could not be more basic: t-shirt and the most beloved of jeans short trip.

This short shorts was definitely the right decision of the suitcase. You do that too? Spend a month planning meticulously packed, thinking about all the looks, to dpeois get on trip and just be patient to wear shorts and a t-shirt? To me it happens every time. And I’m always hoping that the next trip, everything will be different. But it’s never. After all, how irresistible is uncomplicate life with a running shorts and a t-shirt? Even more for the holidays!

Here is the challenge: how to make the combo short + t-shirt render looks charming and different over the holidays?

Oh! You can change the hair. In that, I did a braid of those kind of clumsy even. Besides getting cute, helped to cope with the wind in your face the ferryboat with dignity. Oh! And there’s the lipstick, huh? The red lipstick always raising the bar of any basic look.

Finally, total comfort shoe (I pretty much only brought slippers to go thinking exactly that).

Tomorrow’s post about Chiang Mai and my elephant ride (what’s not to love?)