Transforming the Look of the Edge of the Beach

Sets Of Edge Of Beach

The official look on the beach is a bikini or bathing suit, right? But when we’re leaving (or arrived) can invest in some parts that transform the look, without much exaggeration and nothing too elaborate. With the right clothes can get out of the sand and go to the restaurant, in the bar for happy hour on the beach, among other appointments. Here are some pieces to invest:

Let’s take into consideration that you are with the Bikini or swimsuit and will leave the beach to go on a barizinho right there, but out of the sand. From the site ( you can get more information of the swimsuit. To transform the look and make a look more sophisticated, bet on long parts. The skirts or pants pantaloons can be used on a bathing suit or even the bikini top, leaving the belly showing. Invest in a pretty straw handbag and sunglasses to finish the look.

If you want something more closed, for example, that covers the body, leaving the belly out, the kaftãs can be good options. With lightweight fabrics and even a smooth transparency, you throw him over the bathing suit, put some flats and ready. If you want you can even use some accessories with air more praiano, as earrings or necklaces with wood or plastic.

The hot pants with shirt also transform the look of the edge of the beach in a wonderful option to leave in the evening. To make even more elaborate production, load a sandal anabela to place when you’re on the Boardwalk. The sand is grounded or rubber slippers, always.