Training Shoes for Heavy Runners

Not so easy to find a training shoe running when there is a heavy runner! The response of Yannick Guillodo.

Question: I am looking for a new pair of training shoe. I am rather heavy 87kg. I tend to wear the shoes slightly outside. I mix road and dirt road. I note that I run with orthopedic soles of sport (right-> 5 mm). So need me shoes that allow me to install. Thanks to his soles, I have more back or inflammation of the Achilles tendon problem. It happened to me in the past to have a peak in the middle of the calf after 8 km drive. And nothing was found during the examination. There-it a report with the shoes?

The response of Yanick Guillodo, sports doctor

If you wear insoles because you have 5 mm gap between the legs, then the whole earth should wear insoles. Let me explain: the body is not symmetrical (the left and right sides are different). So a lower limb length inequality is normal. The real problem is to measure with sufficient precision “great” inequality of lower limbs (greater than 1 see 1.5 cm). A simple x-ray of pelvis (hips radio) is clearly insufficient. Yet it is what is done, usually, I grant you. There is a single reliable and reproducible system to measure, with sufficient accuracy, the length of both lower limbs: the EOS system that exists only in a few hospitals.

In short, you wear insoles and you are happy for the Achilles tendon but not for the calf, from what I understand in your question. Yet know that it is the same thing: because the calf (sural triceps) is the engine and the Achilles tendon is the transmission belt. It is therefore the same device. As a result, the chronic suffering of the tendon of Achilles and the sural triceps often have the same origins. For this reason, it is simple that I am surprised by your question. Read what is written on this site on the Achilles tendon pain and questions about shoes (minimalists or not) and you will have some elements of response on pain, certainly conventional, of the posterior chain (Achilles, triceps sural, hamstrings, lower back) of many runners. Initially, you are one of these riders, and the choice of the shoe is indeed delicate. But a sole port and / or a big rear cushioning can be discussed. I don’t say we that you opt for minimalist shoes, I’m not saying that we should never wear insoles, but re-read the article on this site… and I’m waiting for your comments.

With respect to the choice of your shoes, you should choose shoes for universal strides since you have soles. If you’re running on land mixed but not damaged you need not choose trail shoes that are disabling on road. In fact, the ideal is to have two pairs of running shoes if we run also on rough terrain requiring very good grip.

In the end knowing that you are rather a heavy rider and we don’t know your experience or your race distance, we recommend that you choose one of these: Asics Nimbus, Nike Vomero, Adidas Supernova Glide, or the Triumph of Phonecations.