Traditional X Slim Fit Suit: Which Is Better?

Some find the classic suit unbeatable, others find the modernity of cut slim fit perfect, but weighing in the balance the qualities and the flaws of the two options of men’s formalwear, which would come out a winner? Below we expose a brief comparison that can help you ponder about it, but it’s always good to remember that everything is a matter of style and need, so even if one is better than the other, at the end of the account that matters is which one fits best in your routine!

Traditional suit

Trim: Comfortable

Style: Conservative

Features: set to the body, but without being pasted, with wider lapels and two or three buttons on the jacket.

Pros: Suitable for any occasion, is not likely to be tight if you gain a little, give a more powerful, sometimes even intimidating, ideal for wide ties and showy, passes an air of seriousness and commitment, generally looks good on anyone, whether fat or thin, tall or short.

Cons: If poorly cut destroys the silhouette, if you lose a lot of weight he will have to undergo adjustments or be replaced by another, may seem too conservative, freedom of style, how the shortest bar, don’t work as well as the slim fit.

Footwear and accessories: goes well with practically all shoes and accessories menswear classics. In the list enter: Oxford shoes, Fedora hats, tie clips, cuff links, scarves, scarves, leather strap watches and sunglasses Aviator or Wayfarer.

Who is enthusiast?

So the actor Daniel Craig as your alter ego, secret agent James Bond, wear classic suits of designer Tom Ford, who appears in the photo at the top of this post.

Slim fit suit

Trim: set the silhouette

Style: bold

Features: fair, with thin lapels and, in most cases, only two buttons on the jacket.

Pros: a modern and youthful image, will continue serving if you lose a little weight, it makes you look taller, look good with turn-ups and no socks, combines with skinny tie unobtrusive, gives a friendly and stripped, almost fun, looks good on thin people.

Cons: too tight can score too much, if you gain weight will have to retire him, can seem much too modern certain environments, is not for everyone, you need to be with the physical days to use it and, anyway, too loud or too muscular men can be strangers by using this type of suit.

Footwear and accessories: has the edge on the classic suit, because your more relaxed style allows the use of some lighter accessories such as bracelets, brooches, scarves, colorful, casual, colored socks slightly shoes and watches with bolder design.

Who is enthusiast?

David Beckham, known not only for your talent in football, but also for your style and elegance, is constantly seen wearing suits with more set.


Both types serve well the needs, but the classic suit takes advantage when we take into account the body of who uses and may be fat or thin, because your court, moreover, imposes more about passing a more serious image.

The slim fit suit, on the other hand, it’s great to lengthen the silhouette and enhance who’s body is thin, take some more informal touches, especially when we talk about accessories and, rightfully so, creates a more relaxed and youthful image.

The end result is a draw, since each of them fits a type of man and it wouldn’t be proper tip for one or the other, but I would say that, when in doubt, the traditional suit is still slightly ahead, because it never goes out of style and is suitable for any place and situation, as well as more democratic in terms of physical form.

Some more considerations:

It is important to note that even the usual traditional suffers, all the time, the influence of fashion trends. The current model is well adjusted to the body more than 10 or 15 years ago and often is confused with the slim fit.

The cropped jacket (shorter than the traditional) looks better in a slim fit suit anyway is also considered a more modern version of the classic.

Casual looks with tailoring are perfect with a suit more social set, in this case the slim fit takes advantage.

The classic suit commands respect and class that is undeniable, always it is necessary to portray a sophisticated and luxurious environment, he is present.

Modern accessories and small liberties in time to wear great strength with custom slim fit, often used by people less conservative in time to get dressed.

Sorry readers who imagined a podium where one of the two types would be raised to the level of social male costume, but we have to be realistic: today what is important is the role that clothing has on your life, how much she contributes in your day to day and not just what is better or worse according to a unilateral perspective.

Now, based on what has been exposed here, weigh the pros and cons and choose something from that is related to your style, your workplace and your vision of menswear.