Toys Made of Cardboard

Every kid loves to invent their own toys, does not he? When I was a kid, I loved cutting out clothes, people, and then playing dress up characters with the various clothes I had cut out.

I loved drawing with chalk on the floor of the play, playing with hopscotch, playing with the old woman, hanging, with the chalk we did many things. In addition to all of these, she loved getting into suitcases, playing with cardboard boxes and making doll houses in shoe boxes. It made my mother crazy.

Nowadays here at home I know what this is. Luisa, the oldest, is absolutely obsessed with scissors and glue, everything becomes an assembly. It was all the other things she keeps in the house to recycle one day. Look, one day!

Antonio Pedro is still small, but what he likes most is a good cardboard box to make car parking or superhero house. The children’s imagination is really fantastic.

I remembered this fantastic interest of the children in recycling, I decided to investigate everything that we can do with cardboard and I decided to share with you some legal ideas that I found. I hope you like it.

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