Toys for the Children’s Day

Today’s post is dedicated 100% to our children!
Children’s day is coming, and the greatest gift of our lives also deserve a super gift. No matter what and how much you can spend, what matters is being able to see the face of them opening a package.

And surely the choice of small is unanimous; toys!

So today in partnership with the toy site On your House, and after some research with mothers of girls and boys, I chose some gifts that will please the babies and children 2-3 years.
At this stage I can’t go out and buy everything on the internet was my salvation!
To buy on line and view the values, just click in the description of each item. And at the end of the post, a special discount that the site will give to the readers of the blog!
The chicken Pintadinha is a phenomenon, like the boys and girls and is a right choice!
1-Chick Yellowing (plays music)
2-Electronic Totoka (is a stroller that can be pushed by parents or the child walk alone)
3-Tent (I think, as much as these tents, children love and is a gift which yields many jokes without cost, too bad I don’t have nowhere else to put it in my house!)
4-Galinha Pintadinha (plush, plays some of the best-known songs! Right gift!)
Patati Patata clowns are also among the Favorites of the kids.
5-Patati (sings song and speech 9 phrases)
6-Patata (idem)
7-Musical Carpet (carpet is very cool!)
Mickey’s class for the little ones who love a doll!
8-Mickey Baby Doll
9-Minnie (Minnie has with various models of clothes!)
10-Donald Baby
Princesses enchant any child, of any age.
11-Pricesas Set-High Chair, crib and stroller-great for the kids that they’re going to win a little brother because they’re practicing and learning to play Mommy!
12-Princess Castle (tent)
13-fairy Barbie (this is just one of several options of Barbie and accessories on site)
Turma da Mônica
14-Monica’s Baby–This Monica crawls, which is great for stimulating the baby that’s on stage because it can go after.
15-green onions-and have all the characters if your child has a preference
16-Monica Skater-Skate and move your head
17-Bike of Chives
For the boys, all kinds, sizes and models.
18-V10 Car basic
19-Hot Heels Kit with 5
20-Chuck & Friends Monster Vehicle
21-Motorbike Thomas & Friends
22-Tower Chuck & Friends
23-Kitchen Sweet Fantasy (More a right choice for girls!)
24-Play with Tunel (if you have room in your home, this play is a toy that children love and end up exercising enough!)
25-Confectionery Play Doh (clay is one of my favorite toys because it stimulates creativity)
26-Home of Strawberry Shortcake
27-Puppet Thor–the Avengers (the site has all the characters that children love!)
28-Buzz Doll
29-Backyardigans Table (if you have children in the range of 1 year and a half and still has a little table with high chair at home, this is an ideal gift! The site has various topics!)
The Natuacasa will offer 10% discount to readers of the blog can present your puppies now in day 12 of October.
At the time of finalizing a purchase on the site, enter the MDKSBNTC1 code in a field on the right side. Will automatically discount already.
The toys already come packaged for gift to make the joy of your puppy!
And you, like selecting??? Do you have any toy you’d like to suggest?