Toys for 1 Year Old

The choice of toys for children, among the millions available commercially, can be difficult according to BehealthybyTomorrow. This short list of fun toys for kids will help you choose the most appropriate gift for her first birthday.

The children a year are always on the go and are preparing to move from infants to children themselves. The following toys allow them to release part of the extra energy that ferments or develop some new skills, such as imaginative play. These toys make learning fun!

  1. Moving balls and interlocking blocks

This kind of toys seem simple and maybe even fools in the eyes of an adult, but are based on position and fit of cubes or blocks in space suited to their form and often also possess a slide with balls. If swiped, these coloured balls roll down and then toward the center of a container, where the little one can pick them up and start all over again. This kind of toy attracts the child to repeat, fun and lively that creates noise, making it aware of forms, actions and sounds that he creates and combines.

  1. Rubber animals

Rubber or inflatable animals are perfect toys for children for one year. They help them to experiment and to recognize the shapes and sounds of animals. In addition, they are made of a sturdy material that is soft to the touch and comfortable, suitable for the child you sit above or do bounce back.

  1. Snails, frogs, wooden train sets …

High quality wooden toys are resistant to shocks and are made with eco-friendly materials. Not only are adorable and funny, but many companies make them from recycled wood that is not treated with chemicals. At one year of age, children are able to appreciate them perfectly. And just as they learn to walk, they love to drag with them these trinkets.

  1. Casey and gymnastic mats

As their name indicates, these toys allow the child to bounce up and down, to turn around and ride their favorite animal. I like this toy because it encourages active play, instead of simply induce him to sit in one place. They also encourage imaginative play, which is important at this age. The set of lights, music and sounds of the animal on duty makes this toy even more fun for the little ones. Can be used for about a year for up to three years.

  1. Tricycle

A tricycle that can grow with a child is a great choice for a gift. At one year, can be used with slings that are able to hold the child in place, while the parent pushes with the incorporated handle. As soon as the child grows, you can go for older children: you remove the protections and the handles and the game becomes a normal tricycle. Typically, this kind of toy also has a detachable sun visor to keep the child cool during summer walks.