Toys and Games for Children of 02 Years

It’s time to explore the world, socialise and challenge the reasoning. When the child completes 02 years, she leaves the baby stage and is more aware of your movements, your speech and what you want. Full of energy, they love to explore the environment and show that are increasingly independent. Can naming things, explain what you want and interact more effectively in games.

At that stage, she plays, block Mount House, puts the doll or stuffed animal to sleep and is increasingly sociable. Gradually, enhances the controls what you see with what you want to do with your hands.

Toys and Games

Always to offer a new toy for the child, show how it works and help you learn more through that material. See our tips on toys for that age group.


The carts are excellent toys for that age group. With them, the children learn about space and laterality notion. Teach small directions to give commands during the game: “turn the carriage to the left to enter the bakery”; put this cart to the right of the other”.

Read to children books on vehicles, show designs and explain so that each one serves. Create short stories and make it an active part of the actions that each will stand. You can make a track on the floor of the House with colorful tape, marking where will be the streets and other points.


The puzzle is essential for the development of logical reasoning, concentration, motor coordination and visual perception of the child. It’s a great instrument of socialization and cooperation with the next in time to play. Increases the reasoning, raises the child’s skills, improves the ability to develop problems, visual perception, spatial, and sensitivity. Improves motor skills more delicate, requiring more firmly in his hands. Develops hand-eye coordination and visual. The action of hand and eye, working in a coordinated way, are extremely beneficial.

Start offering your child sets with fewer parts. Propose different games with puzzles, how to find the parts with the same colour or divide the pieces between you so that each lot a part.

Blocks and Toys to fit

Turn, create, invent, and have fun with the kids! With imagination and creativity you ride all you want. The blocks and the docking toys from can be easily handled by small hands, exercising the dexterity and motor skills of children. In addition to whet the curiosity for different shapes and colors.

Mount castles, houses and cities, create characters and put the children to tell stories. The toys to assemble, stack, and embedding help give wings to the imagination. Take the opportunity to explore various issues during the games.

Puppets and Dedoches

It’s time to unleash the imagination and use and abuse of creativity. The puppets and dedochesassist in developing motor and verbalization of children, who end up learning to demonstrate feelings, anxieties and joys. The game may start with the construction of a scenario for the characters and go beyond, with stories and fun. The puppets and dedoches can assist in the formation of children’s character and values, in addition to working each phase that the child is going through.

The theatre of puppets, as well as all other games of role play and make-believe, help the child to build your identity, because, in these games, it can interpret several characters and experience different sensations and emotions.

Dolls and Plushes

The habit of playing doll is and has always been very healthy. Stimulates the sensory, affective and cognitive development of children. For the child, the doll or stuffed animal can be a mirror of your feelings, a friend. The rag doll can represent even more affection, since it is made of materials that are not hard and cold. In jokes, sorrows and joys, in bed while sleeping, the dolls can always be around.

The development of each child is unique. It is therefore important to respect the limit of their learning and enhance always their achievements. Don’t propose an activity, game or game that is in addition to your development. She will feel frustrated and may lose the motivation to know something new. When you propose something and realize that she’s not interacting, change of activity and leave that for another day, go in her day and enjoy every moment.