Towel Rack for Bathroom

The towel rack from the ground is the ideal item for quite large and populated bathrooms, where there is a need to find the most suitable to many textiles. Also it presents an ideal solution for the hosts finicky home, who do not pierce and force with screws and nails the walls of each room.

It is a stylish addition in the forms, valuable in the raw materials in which it is made, stylistically adaptable both classic furnishings, as modern.

While in the bathroom furnished to the traditional norms, the ideal complement is the wooden towel rail, ceramic or gold and antiqued metals such as brass; in modern style the towel rack from the ground most common is to silver metal, chrome or satin.

Beyond the stylistic peculiarities, the towel rack from the ground will remain an essential complement to give accommodation to more laundry items, making the most of its extensions, his arms placed at several levels.

An extremely elegant design characterizes the towel from with three arms U Premier Housewares.

It is a complement characterized by a massive base in a semicircle , in chromium-plated metal, with two vertical axes that reach a height of 94 cm, on which are set at three levels, three more metal arms in the shape of “U”.

The mix of rigid forms and sinuous curves that distinguishes this towel rails, makes it a much sought after addition and well finished.

A real “jewel” for each bathroom furnished in modern style.

Much more the traditional model in bamboo Relaxdays .

It is a towel rail from ground bamboo , with rectangular base of 37 cm to 25 cm, reaching a height of 85 cm.

The structure is equipped with two arms always in wood , characterized by a rectangular shape, positioned not only at two different levels, but also on two different fronts: the one inside and the other outside.

A design choice that gives the complementary functionality and dynamism. A towel rack very simple but also very resistant to the weight of the laundry and the test of time.

An ideal complement to make more bath rooms practices classically furnished.

With its design of great elegance, the model 21881 Seven of Kela it lends itself to extol so much a classic bathroom, one more modern.

The model in question is characterized, in fact, to an ovoid base in dark color tempered glass, on which is laterally mounted a vertical arm in chrome metal, which acts as support for two horizontal extensions, mounted at two different heights.

From the aesthetic point of view, the lines of this complement, from its bases to the highest, go to create a sort of “F”, a slender and refined shape part, a good support for the linen.

A high-impact model and cross charm, able to add value in any room, any style.