Top Rated Flashlights

Some current flashlights:

You will then present some flashlights that my more like me. Does not mean having them, but that in the case of my mind for some would have very in consideration these models (I obviously do not pay for advertising, it is only for help).

Thrunite Ti3 ($19.95)

It’s a versatile flashlight that you can take in the GaryFlashlights. IPX-8 (submersible) has certified and has 4 modes of lighting with an intensity of 120 lumens masxima. It uses a single AAA battery.

Convoy S2 ($17.71)

It’s great for your pouch of emergency. Both sell housing to make your own DIY flashlight (no led or electronic circuit) or with a led Cree XM-L2 T6 of warm light and 8 lighting modes. It has certificate IPX-8, uses a battery 18650 and offers a maximum brightness of 1000 lumens approximately.

Thrunite TN4A NW ($49.95)

If you want a powerful flashlight that uses AA batteries, which are found on either side, I think that it is the best option, although we already got price… It has a certified and maximum of 1050 lumens brightness IPX-8. To carry the backpack as an alternative to lanterns that use less current batteries.

Thrunite TN36 (195,95$)

Maximum power at hand. Up to 6510 lumen with 4 batteries 18650. A beast both brightness and cost. Personally just buy it for rescue efforts, since it is a great investment, but its power is that we can see long distances. Similar to the rest of the same brand boasts IPX-8 protection.

Flashlight DIY

The cheapest option of far. You can use recycled materials and buy the rest in internet shops specializing in electronics. You can get the same benefits as purchased flashlights to industrial manufacturers for a ridiculous amount of money. Soon I plan to talk about this in the section “Workshop”.

At the end they were 3 of the same brand, it is not to get paid really, it has been coincidence. Other lanterns that draw attention to me are the Ultrafire and the Olight, but I had no luck try them so I can not say much about them, sincerely.

Nothing more to add for today, I hope you have been helpful and soon I will return with more content. Any questions you can leave a comment here below.
see you soon!