Top Rated Drones

Blade Nano QX :

This is the “real” first drone that I bought (pending the release of 350 QX), sold (RTF) or without radio control (BFN) and with the SAFE technology.

Its small size allow you to fly in the house (when it rains outside, for example) and also outdoor (low wind).

High technology, you can stabilize it in flight and handle it easily.

Its chassis is light and flexible to prevent breakage and there is even a propeller protection will avoid having problems when small shocks against a wall for example …

Personally I had fun many hours with the Blade Nano QX without getting bored (there are several modes of flight, when you think being an expert you can try to loops and flips).

His only fault? It is not recommended to chain several batteries immediately to steal, better take a break of a few minutes between each to avoid risking to toast a motor.

Both agree to a beginner to someone at a good driving level according to the drone guides by wholevehicles.

Blade 180 QX :

So here we are in a version of a cut above. Bigger than the Nano QX the Blade 180 QX is for in international flights.

As you can see on the picture above the 180 QX will be rather larger …. (no just kidding).

There are 2 versions of the 180 QX:

  • with HD Camera
  • without HD camera(and therefore less expensive)

Ideal for outdoor flying (but not during strong wind because it’s still on a model of small size). It is also sold in RTF version or BNF.

Compared to all the quadricopters I’ve tested, it is probably one that is more robust.

Its propellers are very flexible when you begin to want to try the loops you will inevitably at some point or another land on the propellers and twist them, simply put them in the right direction just with your fingers and you can take off again !

For large shocks, the frame is in several parts and you will have an arm dislocated or motor, that will effectively serve to fuse … No need tool, you just have to fit the pieces to leave.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced driver you will not be disappointed with the Blade 180 QX!

FYI it is with the 180 QX I flying “indoor” to my club model aircraft and on the weekends I take much pleasure to fly out with, or even attempt to fly through with cars ( see this article ).

That’s the first part of this buying guide, later you will discover more upscale multi-rotors that can take photos and video, etc …

But also learn to be wary of too cheap drones flying askew and who do not have spare parts or spare parts overpriced, etc …

For The Second Part Of The Buying Guide Click Here

ps: thank you to DroneGirl (which you can find on the forum ) for lending me his fingers on some photos …