Top Platform Shoes

Fashion is now in favor of comfort, if you are a women who loves heels but also wants comfort, then the platform shoes are your thing, as it gives up, slims legs and can wear it with pants, dresses or skirts, you’ll look very fashionable. And here we show some tendency to wear these shoes, boots and sandals.

Boots with platforms

It goes with everything, heel height will always be your choice, it is a fashion model and very worn by the famous, you can take it in tight jeans or a sexy skirt, your legs will look very good.

Wooden platforms

If you think you are heavy, you’re wrong, they are much lighter than before, you can choose whether want to open or closed and are super good with the spring season, a charming dress and your look is complete with Halloween costume shoes of the blog.

Platform sandals

Sandals are today what with the heat keep your feet fresh and flirty with this shoe, which is very comfortable to go for a walk and left with all the combination of colors and textures.

Gala platforms

The elegant style is not far behind with these shoes, if you have an important event can choose a discreet shoes that give you height, with neutral colors to match your dress. Besides you can choose whether you want the heel is pointed or wide.

Terry Platafomas

No doubt you have seen the heels with suede, this material has been widely used in footwear, because it gives a different texture and give you the height and comfort lovely to see you.

Peep toe platforms

Shoes peep toe or Fishmouth is one of the most used in fashion styles are very flirtatious and feminine, and it’s the best you can use with a casual outfit or an evening apart can look a little pedicure, are of the best.

Knotted Ankle

A very feminine style, platforms knotted ankle just give you a different view and highlight this part of the foot, the detail here is that if you are small then the heel should be higher, because the shoes tied to the ankle shortened legs you can choose them open or closed models to choose from are rough.

Platforms details

It is very common that the shoe is adorned with details that complement your outfit, shoes with flowers, ribbons and small details give it a very fashion to your look and highlight part of your personality.

Neon colored platforms

In this 2013 neon colors are the trend today, suitable for any season, these heels will look great with a dress or pants in neutral colors, and attention will be for your shoes or combine them with your blazzer or any accessory.

Glitter platforms

You’ve probably noticed that the glitter is being used a lot in the footwear, and no doubt because it gives a very elegant and daring to our outfit touch, a very ad hoc style for the night, these shoes will be your favorite in all season.


Patterned platforms are being used a lot for this spring-summer season, you must have some among your options, because they give a lot of freshness to your feet and is a very fun style.

Colorful platformer

Dare to wear a very fashionable color with these platforms look, the combination of tones gives pizzazz to your shoes, slims your figure and you can combine it with a casual look or for a night with friends.


No doubt you have many options to show off your feet with shoes platforms, styles are different and the advantages is that you can look with more height without losing comfort, these shoes are suitable for any occasion, and you’ll look great.