Top In-ear Headphones Under 100

What headphones to buy £ 100?

The headphones of this range of price climbing the bet Sonic with best drivers, a quality of construction more resistant and a setting more comfortable. These headphones will sound clearer, sharper, more warm, soft and without stridency than their low-cost counterparts. The music sounds more rich and the voices more realistic. You can see small details that, with cheaper headphones were leaving pass: soft consonants in the voices, twinkling electronic music and tone of the low without buzzing.

Best price found: €79

Models that go into (in-ear) ear and lower to € 100 this is considered the best model.

You can also notice that the sounds have a “depth” or “space”: you can give an idea of the size of the room or where the instruments are placed. If all this sounds too sentimental to you, plant it in another way. It would be as if you had been looking at a printed photograph with a cheap printer and then saw the same picture but printed on quality paper in a professional photo printing workshop. This is much more clear, not?

On the other hand, these headphones are made to last more time and tend to be much more comfortable if them you use during periods of time more prolonged. If you’re careful can last you several years. The materials tend to be of a superior quality: strong plastic, rubber and metal parts. In addition there are various sizes and made with materials more soft and flexible than their cheaper counterparts. The cables will also be more resilient and have elements to avoid tangling according to PerComputer.

Who should buy this range in-ear headphones? All those who listen to lots of music, especially in motion. If you are going by subway to work, you want to isolate yourself from the noise of your office, travelling much… In short, If portability is key for you and you really like listening to music, these are headphones that you should choose.

What headphones to buy for €200 or less?

Invest $ 200 headphones it is to invest in quality. Headphones in this range are carefully designed to reproduce the sound of how accurate and are built to last for many years. Plastic and rubber are replaced by metal, fabric and adaptable foam. The music will reach a new level of quality. Instruments shall be collected individually in the mix, consonants will be clear without being sharp and you have a depth of immersive sound field. There will be no lint, or whistling or squealing.

Best price found: 95€
In the models below € 200 within the ear certainly stayed with this.

As lover of the music, sometimes me passes that when try headphones of this range of price, I forget of that should be analyzing them headphones and I leave carry by the music. This headset is for those for whom music is part of his life. Those who study it, devour all the nuances and allowed to carry it. Headphones for this price make this experience possible and portable. Does this sound to something for which you would be willing to pay more? Then, these headphones are for you.