Top 9 Fashion Shoes

Fashion never rests, and left behind the boots tall and those coats covering us from the cold, fashion is still renovating and so we bring this Top 9 fashion shoes do not stop to look beautiful.

9. Swedish

Swedes definitely see much even in the smallest followers of fashion. Since last season we started to see them as fashion shoes, however, they are definitely more present now.

8. Wedge Sandals and Platform

This shoe since he left here to stay for a long time and become part of fashion shoes. Either very high or slightly higher platform, but are in dressers.

7. Flats or Flat shoes

These remain fashionable shoes, whether you find them with details such as bows, very natural or animal print materials, these shoes are a must in your wardrobe.

6. Low Heels

Although we continue to see high contrast and flat shoes, shoes with low heels or medium are entering as a basic fashion shoes. Strolling along the sideboards are found on all a little triangular tip; you can see them in different textures like the famous animal print.

5. Details

Shoes with details already with rhinestones, ribbons, bows, ethnic style or as you can imagine, are other very feminine shoes that will surely adore and become your favorite fashion shoes.

 4. Peep toe

This style of fashion shoes are also known as fish mouth shoes. We can find both boots and shoes of all types with or without heels.

3. Heel Square

The heel we had seen on platforms or on a thin heel. Fashionable shoes now point to a square heel, of course without discarding the other heels. Despite that they are too high will not miss the glamor as you do not get tired so much.

2. Sandals

Definitely these fashionable shoes are another very convenient option to be very fresh. You’ll find sandals especially with details and discreet and neutral colors, but still be fashionable. Combine them with your favorite jeans or a skirt.

1. Boots

Although no longer with materials like suede or very plush, boots and booties will continue remaining as fashionable shoes. With a “federica” type style with shoelaces, or peep toe, these boots and just can not stop being part of your outfit.

This season comes a variety of fashionable shoes, choose your favorites and combine them with the perfect accessories. It looks great, feminine and very fashionable.