Top 8 Tennis Shoes

Keep your casual look with accessories favorite fashion and sneakers, but without losing the glamor. These courts include a heel that the naked eye can not see but that will give sensuality necessary even with a casual look.

8. Metal Tennis

Bet the metallic shades, silver, gold, copper, bronze and add to your look a little shine with these sensational metallic heeled tennis. Ideal for use at night.

7. Tennis Basics

The basic colors you can use in tennis to match all your outfits, looking black, white, beige and red and choose your favorite.


6. Tennis Fashion

With a sleeker look we are the fashion tennis, come in a range of more sober and neutral colors and represent the classic tennis booty but with heels.

5. Colorful Tennis

If you are looking for a bolder look try a combination in your colorful tennis, you can find live as pink, orange, purple or something more serious like green, gray and beige.

4. Skin Tennis

Choose leather sneakers for casual looks, usually you could use it with outfits with boots but if you want to be more comfortable opt for these tennis skin especially for the cold season.

3. Tennis with Platform

Other courts that are fashionable are the leading platform, if you do not like the heel but still want a little more glamor test tennis, are very comfortable and combine with everything.

2. Tennis with Glitter

Test shine with these sensational tennis glitter, the silver are the staple of the season but you can also find them in black and gold.

1. Tennis Shoe

If you want a court with visible heel, you can also find. It has all the way tennis except for the part of the heel, they are original and unique.

If you want to be comfortable and at the same time fashion, these spectacular tennis wears heels are the latest trend in fashion.