Top 8 Hairstyles for Spring

Trends change every year, keep fashion is not easy, but if you try to look for what fits you sure you’ll look beautiful. Today we present 8 hairstyles for this spring comfortable, stylish and very fashionable you are .

8. Loose Hair

Seem obvious but sometimes is not so fashionable to wear my hair, sometimes takes style wet but this spring loose hair and natural is the best trends / , if you want it to look different can opt for braiding the night and the next day will be a soft waves that could give hair a different look, you can wear headbands or Head Scarf as they are accessories that will be fashionable.

7. Horsetail

The ponytail is the easiest hairstyle, fast and simple to make, you can leave the natural with your hair by shape or straighten your hair before and then comb the high ponytail, can also carry a line of low hair if you have hair short or you prefer this style. To decorate you can wrap the ponytail with a piece of your hair so that you do not see the link, you can make a braid and wrap, you can create braids on the sides of the hair and then make the ponytail, finally, experience and mixture trends.

6. Chongo down

For days you do not have time to comb your hair but want to look sensational and modern this is the hairstyle spring perfect, try creating this bun in the back of the neck or a loose bun aside, would also work fine, you can use it day or night.

5. Braid

The hairstyles braid are trends most important hairstyles for spring, a braid at the nape of the neck will be ideal, or a braid spike for which you have short hair, you can also make two braids on the side of the head and end a long braid in the back, another hairstyle is a braided ponytail, finally, braids can lead to different styles and accessories, experiment with this trend and find your favorite hairstyle.

4. Chongo high

The high chignon is undoubtedly the best trends for spring-summer, there are many ways to create it, you can do with the donut where moorings hair on top, much like Jennifer Lopez or a ponytail and wrap the hair around to create this hairstyle, you decide how loose or tight you prefer, you can decorate with pearl pins and the wear Chanel or headband.

3. Raya side

Stripe side is a must for spring, can wear straightened hair with some soft waves or perhaps high ponytail or low, a bun up twisted, gives ideas to many different hairstyles for spring, you can even take tied on one side and big waves in the rest of the hair.

2. Gathered

The collected is ideal for the spring time, with the heat this hairstyle is elegant but modern, you can incorporate a pair of braids on the sides if you want to follow the trend or simply a pickup side, on top or back of the neck, everything depends on the style you have and what suits you best.

1. Braid the front

The braids come yet for the spring and a hairstyle with braid in front is no exception, there are several ways to do this , one is the style Frida Kahlo, making a gathered with braids, attaching them to the front so that it is identical, the other is with a long braid that shape the headband and a small bun at the back, the good thing is that braids can experience different hairstyles with them.

The strongest trends in hairstyles for this spring will be the braids, you can experience different hairstyles with them, do not be afraid to mix new styles.