Top 15 School Backpacks

The bags and school bags are a very important issue for all students because that is where they take their books and personal belongings throughout the school year. Here we show you the different designs in the world.

15. Large Backpack

If you’re looking for is a school backpack with more space, this is a great option as it can save all the material you require in school and even other accessories like an umbrella.

14. Crusade

This is one of the most modern school bags recommended by Handbag Picks, and many also have a special compartment for cell, although it is an option for those who do not require the use of many books.

13. Cartoon

The cartoons never go out of fashion and what better way to encourage your child to go to school with a school bag with your favorite cartoon that will surely be very happy.

12. Ergonomics

If you’re worried about your child’s health there are also a new ergonomic school backpacks, caring your child’s back pains to avoid as much weight load.

11. Suitcase Style

The style suitcase schoolbags besides being a great help, also retain a slightly more classic style and come in sober colors for those schools that are a little stricter.

10. Military Style

If you are concerned that your child is reputed to be very good at taking care not your personal belongings, these military style school bags are the perfect choice, because bear at least the school year.

9. Style Portfolio

Some people looking for a little more sophistication when choosing their school bags, and they are also the portfolio style that give a slightly more professional air.

8. Style Traveler

This is one of the best school bags, because it not only serves during the school year, there are many that are so resistant that also serve to travel with children on vacation.

7. Expandable

Expandable school bags are ideal for those seeking versatility, as you can adapt it to the size you want depending on the variants of each day.

6. Mini Backpack

The great advantage of such school bags mini backpack is that not hurt your back, although not highly recommended for those who need to carry many things, because as its name implies is small.

5. For girls

There are many school bags that focus on the tastes of girls and they love that because they can afford to choose from a myriad of backpacks with characters like the Disney Princesses, Hello Kitty, among others.

4. For children

There are also a variety of school bags for children who are happy to choose the character that will accompany them in their daily trip to school, either a superhero or some fantastic being.

3. Porta laptop

If you want a school bags that are practical and also help you to save on back to school, the porta laptop is ideal because it can save both books and laptop on it.

2. Rolling

The rolling schoolbags are a classic and are very useful for smaller as they fall to their height and allow them to upload their objects easily.

1. A shoulder

If you’re looking for is a school backpacks with a different style, one shoulder is ideal but you sure do not put much weight on it, because it can bring back problems.


The boys have very different tastes and that is why here we show you a top 15 school backpacks that insurance will suit everyone and make you feel better in this back to school.