Top 15 Necklaces Statement

For any season the necklaces are basic accessory woman, but this time the necklaces “statement” are here to stay, he knows some proposals and add them to your outfit.

15. Vintage Necklace

The vintage style is here to stay, and accessories are its best. The vintage necklaces are beautiful, feminine, classic and combinable, give some personality to our outfit.

14. Geometric Necklace

This particular necklace is used by the famous, ideal for low – cut dresses, blouses , shirts color or even, dare to look sensational with these geometric necklaces.

13. Tribal Necklace

Give hippie touch, soho and even classic to your look with necklaces tribal , shapes and colors allow combine them with everything but its best use it is with denim and crochet or lace style.

12. Layered Necklace

The layered necklaces are you today, you do not need tocombine several necklaces because these necklaces are virtually all in one.

11. Cleopatra Necklace Style

The style Cleopatra back in full for accessories, necklaces are colorful enough statement so it is recommended to use with black, white, blue or denim tones.

10. Bright Necklace

These are the necklaces that are more fashionable, combined especially for casual looks from jeans and T – shirts, they look very attractive and feminine.

9. Leaf Necklace

Especially for the autumn-winter season this type of necklaces with leaf are feeling, so in casual or formal outfit can look.

8. Fabric Necklace

Give a feminine touch to your accessories with these necklaces fabric, ideal for combining them into casual look.

7. Metallic Necklace

Opting for the metal, ideal for use with color block denim or blouses, the metal necklaces are an indispensable ally.

6. Nail Head Necklace

The studs are here to stay and accessories are no exception, the necklaces studs or spikes give the look punk rocker fashion today, try them .

5. Flowers Necklace

The feminine touch of look you can achieve with this necklace of flowers, ideal for shirts, shirts and sweaters.

4. Stones Necklace

The stones play an essential role in statement necklaces look amazing because in addition to give the true boho look with different stones and colors to match air.

3. Necklace Chains

In the style statement necklace is this type of chain necklaces that look good with everything but especially with color block shirts, give a feminine and classic touch to your look with this necklace.

2. Peter Pan Collar Style

Peter Pan style is very fashionable with these necklaces, practically combined or used with shirts, casual shirts will wear the most fashionable and very glamorous with these necklaces.

1. Pearl Necklace

It is the necklace that caused a sensation because it can combine with absolutely everything, the pearl necklace works just for a casual look that for more formal one, try it with denim shirts, looks great.

The statement necklaces are very stylish and fun, you just have to choose one that goes well with your outfit. Remember that, being very bright, you must combine them with discreet clothing that allows the collar to highlight.