Top 12 Winter Clothing

Basics of winter fashion here: pants, boots, coats, sweater, jackets, socks, scarves and more in this top 12 winter clothes, the better to be fashionable we show you here.

12. Chamarra

For those who like to be very warm jackets are ideal for wearing in winter, unlike coats garment, these stylized figure but not keep us sheltered.

11. Sweater

If winter is not so cold, ideal for carrying and include winter clothes garment is a sweater, it can be worn under a coat or jacket.

10. Socks

Without a doubt something which can not miss in winter clothes are socks, which help us to keep your feet warm as well as being an ideal garment to wear with boots.

9. Earmuffs

If your country temperatures decrease considerably, one of the items that you must not forget winter clothes are earmuffs, which will help you keep your ears warm so you do not freeze.

8. Gloves

Undoubtedly hands are part of the body that often change temperature rapidly, so it is best to have at hand good gloves in winter clothes.

7. Sox or Leggins

If you like to wear skirts fashionable even in winter, you can combine with tights or leggings all depends on how low the temperature, can be an excellent garment for winter clothing.

6. T Turtleneck

If you’re not in favor of scarves, a garment that replaces perfection, are the high-necked shirts, are ideally colored cotton that is typical of winter clothes.

5. Jeans

Jeans are garments that are present in all seasons and are a staple of winter clothes, if you have very cold socks can be worn underneath.

4. Shoes

Undoubtedly boots or booties are an important part of winter clothing, although depending on the place where this can bring other shoes like sneakers or flats.

3. Scarves and Shawls

Although not winter shawls and scarves are the favorite clothes of women because they are easy to combine and perfect to wear with winter clothes and give a touch of glamor.

2. Hats

An element are very fashionable hats, if you combine them with winter clothes can give a very original and fashionista touch to your look, there are many shapes and textures.

1. Coats

Surely coats are the main star in winter clothes, come in all colors, shapes and textures, it is a garment that should not miss in the wardrobe.

Winter clothes can be a problem for everyone, it is very difficult to choose an appropriate outfit to look good while preventing respiratory disease, so we say that winter clothes can not miss in your wardrobe. Choose your favorite.