Top 12 Trikinis

For spring-summer season there are plenty of swimsuits, the trikinis are perfect as they are a bikini joins in front of the same material or other material giving a slender figure and unique style.

12. Flores

For spring-summer flowers are a perfect pattern to look at the beach or pool, the trikini is a swimsuit that looks great this type of prints, it is ideal for use with denim shorts or skirts without using shirt creates a very summery outfit with this trikini of flowers.

11. Retro

Retro is fashionable and the trikinis is no exception, the option oftrikinis retro style is very varied, you can choose trikinis that are almost suits one piece or with prints like dots or sailor polka, this is an ideal place for trikini that they love this kind of styles for the beach.

10. Asymmetry

If you want a bikini a little more daring this asymmetric trikini is an excellent choice, there trikinis that has only one shoulder and a union with the bottom to the side to show a little belly or find trikinis that completely cover the abdomen but has a tie only, you choose your favorite.

9. Strapless

The strapless trikini is ideal for those who do not like having the mark of the straps when tans, this trikini is super comfortable, has different versions at the top and obviously many prints, is the most comfortable trikinis.

8. Crochet

For those who like the style crochet can find many trikinis with this finish, the models are varied and can come in normal bikinis, halter or strapless. Crochet looks great for spring-summer season and the colors are regular white, black, sand and olive green.

7. Animal Print

The animal print is a trend that like many women in bikinis and there are all kind of animal prints print: giraffes, tigers, zebra, an infinite number of combinations that can be found, looks elegant and combinable. If you like the animal print trikini is your best option.

6. Halter

For those who love swimwear halter there are many who have this option trikinis two strips to the front to cover the bust and back or completely uncovered other models have straps on the back, it is a trikini daring and sexy.

5. Ethnic

The ethnic prints are another trend that is cool, you can experience this pattern in the trikinis whether two colors like white or black or more colors, you can find lines, amoebas, circles or different ethnic figures, the colors vary.

4. Fringes

The best of the costumes fringed  is that with the fringe on top swimsuit help give an idea of more bust, this is one of the trikinis ideal for people with little bust, as it will help to give this Indeed, colors and patterns also vary but will take a lot of animal print and neon colors.

3. Stripes

The sailor style returns to do his thing this season and bikinis will be filled with this pattern, remember that with stripes must be careful, it is preferable to seek horizontal stripes to the bottom and vertical stripes to the top, this way we will create an effect to see us thinner but if you have buxom look better vertical stripes. The colors range from white, black and neon colors will be combinations.

2. Frilly

If you have a small bust this trikini frilly is right for you, give the same visual effect achieved with vertical stripes or fringes and also make you look thin by cutting the trikini, such trikinis are very feminine, do not be afraid to try one and look sensational.

1. Jewelry

This trikini with jewelry is the most common and the most daring, regularly have metal rings that connect the different parts of the trikini, is a dress very sexy bathroom and helps lengthen the figure by the joint between the top and bottom bikini. If you dare try one of these.

This summer season looks original and very beautiful with these trikinis that are great for any woman, share this note with your friends, sure you will love.