Top 12 Party Dresses

When we have a special event we like to find the perfect dress among all models of dresses that we offer. We can find dresses for going to a wedding or prom dresses that will always be fashionable. Find in this top 12 the place to go to a party dress with Technology Wiki.

12. Asymmetric Dresses

The first option is the draping and asymmetrical gray dress, it is very fashionable this season and is dressed for both night and day, you’ll look great.

11. Black Dresses

All fashion gurus say that all women, without exception, must have a black dress, so we recommend that you will been couraged to buy the one that suits your figure. As a neutral color you can combine it with shoes and accessories of any color.

10. Dresses Rayados

This striped dress is perfect to wear at casual events or cocktail example. Be very careful when choosing horizontal stripes because they make us look wider so it is advisable to find garments with vertical or slanted stripes.

9. Greek style dresses

This model has become very popular since last year and best of all, it looks good in all ages like this dress Greek style . There are many shapes and colors of the same style, so compare and find the one for you.

8. Dresses with Sequins

This type of dress with sequins do better girls who want to highlight at a party with friends and even the not so formal graduations. If your dress is right environment, you can do is touse a belt to accentuate your figure.

7. Short Dresses

The advantage with this kind of short dress  is that it is ideal for night or day, it just fits with accessories or a formal jacket.

6. Long Dresses

The disadvantage of these dresses is that you can not always worn on any occasion, as there is a big difference between long cocktail dresses and evening. This long dress  is ideal for a gala event formal or cocktail while are more colorful or flowery.

5. Dressed Cleavage

Who does not like to show with eleganc? Precisely the  low -cut dress ABS Allen Schwartz  has a V – neck for those who want to impress, but it is important to balance it with accessories, to not look vulgar.

4. Dresses With Corset

What I like about these dresses with corset is that they keep everything in place, help you improve your posture and lengthen the torso, plus it looks very feminine. The corset dresses can go for parties of all ages because they look very elegant.

3. Dresses Pleats

Another model that goes very well at all ages is the long pleated dress that undoubtedly attract the eyes of many by the beautiful silhouette that gives this kind of dresses. Choose a bright or shiny fabric and style that will look better and highlight your curves.

2. dresses with lace

And if you are looking for an elegant dress for a not so formal event such dress with lace  can be an excellent choice, as the lace will always be a fabric that will be fine in your clothes. Remember not to carry you or look like lace tablecloth.

1. Dressed Transparencies

And finally we have this beautiful dress with transparencies showing exactly what I mean by transparency. If you do not like the sleeves you can choose one with gauze at the bottom for flight.


No doubt there are many styles, patterns, colors and shapes of prom dresses, choose the one that goes according to your personality and looks sensational event.