Top 12 Hairstyles Easy

To us we always like to be arranged, although often for lack of time is not possible we make do much as we wanted and this includes that we can not make us different hairstyles, that’s why here are some options for hairstyles easy.

12. hippie style

It is one of the most cute and easy hairstyles easy to do, since you only require a few pins with which prendes two front locks back and presto! You can also put a touch like a flower.

11. Pin up

If your style is a bit more classic and modest maybe you like the up do pin, besides being very feminine is another option of easy hairstyles, you require a bit of hairspray and pins.

10. Impeller side

An easy option for those with medium or hair hairstyles long is a slightly relaxed, ideal for the day and even for some evening runner, you only need a league and a little imagination.

9. tousled plait

Braids are always a great choice to take your hair and depending on how they do can be one of the best options easy hairstyles and even if you make a little unkempt gives you a more bohemian style.

8. horsetail with bump

If you do not like so much the typical horsetail you can put a spinusing invisible to give it a bump effect and thus look different. It is another option of easy hairstyles do.

7. Media tail

Another option of easy hairstyles is the grand, which can be done simply by combing your fingers and using either a league or pins to hold your hair and can give a natural touch.

6. Isinglass

Although it looks very difficult, the fishtail braid is one of the hairstyles fastest easy to make, but if you want to look flawless you will require some practice.

5. Bump with bangs

One of the simplest is easy hairstyles with bangs bump, but as its name implies, is ideal for those cuts that have bangs, you require only a comb and pins and is cute.

4. relaxed Updo

The updo is one of the easiest hairstyles classic and elegant you can do, and it is best that is ideal for both day and night and if you adorn yourself with an accessory looks very cute.

3. Bohemian style

If you really want one of the easiest hairstyles, bohemian style is ideal as it is to leave your natural hair, you put a little mousse and ready, and if you add accessories such as a bandana is very good.

2. Braid cascaded

Tired of the typical braids? Well then cascading tresses are the choice of hairstyles easy for you, since by its style create a different style than normal braids and look great.

1. Simple Cola horse

If your style is a bit more conservative you can always opt for a simple horse tail, for which you require only a comb and league. It is another option of easy hairstyles.

These can be easy hairstyles for any occasion, do not hesitate to try them , you will draw bail.