Top 12 Fashion Intimate

The most sexy lingerie for women. Surprise him with this beautiful selection of lingerie, corsets, babydolls and more.

12. Silk nightie

Accompanied with beautiful heels, this cute nightgown favors any kind of body to be loose. put down your sexier to match perfectly together. Just remember that although you are very well, is intimate what limits it for use in the bedroom fashion.

11. Half Lace Corset

Simple but very sexy! The great thing about this type of lingerie is that you can bring all day under your normal clothes and at night. Boom! A wonderful surprise lingerie that will make you look elegant and flirty.

10. Red Satin Dress

Red is the perfect outfit for this type of color. At first it might seem like any dress, but the V-neck and lace makes hopelessly sensual. This piece of lingerie is one of my favorites.

9. Stockings and stilettos

The classic stockings that reach the thigh are essential to any sexy outfit. With stylish heels, you can not go wrong with this set of lingerie. The good news is that you can also use under your regular clothes, as long as you do not see the top.

8. Red Bustier

This beautiful bustier is very flattering because it fits perfectly to the waist and ruffles on the hip accentuates the figure as desired wasp. An example very daring lingerie.

7. Slip Black

Having gone to a romantic restaurant uses this slip. If you want to be flirty but are more discreet, this black lingerie slip is the one for you. It would seem like you wear a mini skirt but it is much more than that, accompany it with your hair.

6. Set Satinado

It’s all in the attitude! You can carry the simpler set of lingerie, but if you act sure of yourself, you’ll see how you feel. For an extra touch of glamor wears a sweet perfume and some nice heels. It will be a fabulous combination.

5. Bra with suspender belt

Perfect for Valentine’s Day, the league is a piece of lingerie that is here to stay. It gives you a fun, flirty and sexy touch your body. Gifts for men, You will be your favorite!

4. Babydoll Rosa

If you love fashion but intimate you are a little more timid, this babydoll is very tender but very sexy time. It will go perfectly with your personality! Remember that using intimates what matters is your attitude.

3. Black Lace Dress

Super gluing and very elegant, the key to this cute little dress is lace. One of the pieces of lingerie that can not miss in the closet of any woman.

2. Kimono

Make a bolder to what you use to wake up with this beautiful kimono touch. In the mornings you will love to see you wearing this beautiful example of lingerie. Trust me!

1. Slip with Lace Garter Belt

The boldest of our selection of lingerie. A super-waisted slip, made of white lace details, accompanied with a garter belt and your favorite stockings, What a lovely mix! Imprímele attitude to your look completely irresistible.


Choose the underwear you better stay and looks great, remember that what matters is the attitude with which the carriage.