Top 12 Fashion Blouses

Blouses are essential garments in the wardrobe of women either to go to work, to party or just for being an article of daily use. The blouses are a basic garment of our look that is renewed every year according to fashion, so here are the trends to watch in the fashionable blouses for plus size at the site.

12. Floral Print

In the spring-summer trend can not miss the floral print, it is ideal for the summer season, the colors are bright and the patterns can be very striking.

11. Animal Print

Blouses with animal print pattern are part of the fashionable blouses 2016, it is a modern, crazy and makes us look glamorous print, whether it’s spring or winter this blouse can not miss in your closet.

10. Plaid shirts

Invades denim fashion trend fashionable blouses 2016, the proposal includes masculine cut shirt and tight, with long or short sleeves, do not hesitate to use them they are super trendy.

9. White Blouse

Something you can not miss no matter what season is this white blouse, no matter the model if not like you wear, is a classic piece that never fail and are part of the fashionable blouses 2016.

8. Sports Style

A sporty look with trend, this can be achieved by combining fashionable blouses 2016, either type of sweatshirt or polo with them can create a look 10.

7. Blouses with Transparencies

2016 fashion blouses with transparency are ideal for these times, as they are very fresh and at the same time give a touch of sensuality, but be careful with lingerie.

6. Flown

For this year come with many frilly blouses force, inspired by romanticism and they do see the most delicate woman, it is a fashionable blouses 2016 that can not miss in your closet.

5. Uneven Blouses

The asymmetry remains a bet for fashionable blouses 2016, are ideal for this time of heat, being a fallen the most requested by women for their discreet sensuality shoulder.

4. Lace Blouse

2016 fashion blouses lace elegant and sexy, you can use it with any top and match with jeans, they are ideal to go to a party and are very feminine.

3. V-neckline

This cleavage type shapes the body and bust; lace also gives a touch of sensuality, is a modern garment that helps a lot to the figure of the woman is one of the trends in fashion blouses 2016.

2. Strapless blouses

It’s a very feminine garment you can wear smooth, printed or lines, it is ideal for this time of warmth, attractive and very comfortable in fashionable blouses 2016 shaped neckline heart is the latest trend as it molds itself to the shape of the breast.

1. Blouses stripes

This type of blouse are part of trends in fashion blouses 2016, the sailor look is ideal for any occasion, you can give a fresh look to your outfit with this type of blouse.


Choose the best blouse and looks very chic this season, combine it with accessories and good jeans or dress pants and looks sensational.