Top 10 Stylish Sneakers

Black Friday is here! We take this opportunity to shopper 10 pairs of ultra stylish sneakers. These are your feet will thank you.

Who says November 25, 2016, says new edition of Black Friday ! Yes, dear fashionistas, special super balances come straight from the US has finally landed. To you promotions and discounts galore) You have planned to make you happy and give you new sneakers? Good news, you are fallen! To mark this event happens only once a year (should we say), the Drafting melty Fashion has prepared a selection of 10 pairs of sneakers together more guns than others . Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Puma Vans or all your favorite brands are gathered here. It is not life grand? Quick, throw yourself on your credit card and the shoppez (or) pair (s) of your dreams:

All proposed pairs to 30%, enough to let you 🙂 You will also have the chance to visit Citadium or whicheverhealth offering thousands of Converse sneakers on promotion. We advise you to enjoy it because it’s not every day that attends it. Shopping girls!