Top 10 Red Dress

The dresses reds are very attractive because they attract attention and combined with any skin tone; also they exist in all styles for every body type.

10. With opening leg

This dress is very sexy and flattering, as it will make your legs look longer and thinner, you also will not show as much skin as a short dress but also will keep you all covered.

9. Empire Court

Dresses with this type of cut is very flattering for women with bulging abdomen or low waist, as it emphasizes the thinnest part of your body and conceal the parts you wanted to hide.

8. Short-sleeved

These dresses are very attractive and modern, and are ideal if you do not want to show too much skin or if your top is wider than the bottom. You’ll stand out your legs and your back and shoulders disimularás still look sexy.

7. Notching

If you like to show your figure and your body is slim and curvy, the waisted and long dresses are what you will attract more attention. Just be sure to use the proper size and underwear lovely to see you.

6. Ornaments on the neck

The sweetheart neckline increase attention to your neckline, which can befriend if it is a part of your body that you like to stand out; In addition, if your top is more discreet than the bottom, a dress with ornaments at the top, will balance your figure.

5. Epaulettes

This type of dress is very modern and stylish. If you are very thin and your back is tight, this kind of dresses will help to create the illusion of being less tiny. If you also that dress is short and fitted, you will surely feel where you go.

4. Ornaments on shoulders

A dress with straps and embellishments on the shoulders, will help emphasize your neck, it will look longer retention and attract all the top of your body. With this type of jewelry you do not need clothes because the dress already includes enough ornaments.

3. Mermaid Court

A dress like this it favors women with long thin legs, but if you complement with a belt or some ornament just below the bust, then you will create the illusion of having very slender legs. It is a very trendy style that will make you look elegant.

2. Short pleated

Short dresses are a little less formal than long, but you can use them in day events or if you are very young. If the dress is short and has folds, that will give more volume to the body part that has and will attract more attention to that area.

1. Long frilly

This dress is very dramatic and daring, and could only use it in events of great elegance. Le favors almost any woman and cloaking hips and abdomen, and highlights the neckline, neck and arms. You’ll feel like a princess in this dress.


Remember that there are thousands of styles you can use, and your personality is what should define the dress you use to make you feel safe and can avaialble with attitude and elegance.