Top 10 Products for Face

Have you always wanted a charming face and flawless like that that show off the models at fashion shows or the glossy pages of magazines? Here are 10 products for a face of the model test.

Models beautiful, fascinating, dall’incarnato completely free of imperfections, wink from the glossy pages of magazines or from the catwalk fashion week just ended in the fashion capitals, often making us feel inadequate and yearn to be like them.
Our dream is not impossible to achieve. Here are 10 products to obtain a face of the model test.

Let the good times roll (maisenza) Lush: a facial cleanser (and body) soothing and rich in corn, which in addition to cleanse your face as gently exfoliates, leaving it brighter and softer. The spicy scent then, is heavenly.

Rejuvenating face serum organic Nourish: they work in depth, moisturize the skin and regenerate: the results are visible from the first applications. Available in four variants based on the needs of your skin.

Primer facial Primed & Poreless Too faced: one of face primer most famous in the world of makeup. Smoothes the skin, minimizes imperfections and enlarged pores and evens out the most. All in a single gesture. Ideal for preparing the skin for makeup and return a face free of defects.

Powder Makeup Forever HD: famous for its ability to improve the appearance of the skin giving it a definition HD. Transparency, the powder opaque skin tone and sets makeup. Very useful if you have to take pictures. Attention to distribute it well on the face.

Revlon foundation PhotoReady airbrush effect: a foundation that evens out to perfection and gives a complexion flawless and airbrushed effect. Proof of photos.

Dip brow pomade Anastasia Beverly hills: The brows neat and well-defined frame the face and blend the makeup result. Eyebrow full and well-defined duration and waterproof, the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade is the top.

Eye Primer Primer Potion Urban Decay : an eye primer that evens out the color of the eyelids, improves performance enhancing eyeshadow color, it does not penetrate into the folds of the skin and makes it last all day.

Mac Fix + : a spray fixative trick that will ensure that your makeup lasts all day and you will never betray, even when it’s so hot.

Lip balm Shea butter L’Occitane: Shea butter, to hydrate the lips every day and prepare to wear lipstick without drying out: the unsightly cuticles so will be banned!

False eyelashes: you can choose from Ehuacom, from the cheapest to the most expensive. Essence, Eylure, Mac, just to name a few, are produced in various shapes and lengths. The  false eyelashes give a magnetic look that will turn heads.

These 10 products will have a face in the model test, ready for photo shoots perfect even without using Photoshop.