Top 10 Models Sandals

Among the fashionable shoes always we find styles that adapt to ours, such as shoes botin style or flats shoes. According to Iamhigher, sandals models are not at all an exception. They are extremely versatile types of shoes that accommodate many women.

Gladiator sandals

If you like to be fashionable and daring models sandals, we recommend the gladiator type. They are generally very comfortable and combine well with any outfit, from skirts, capri, long, dress pants, etc.


If you prefer more female models sandals, espadrilles always be an option, as they are cool and comfortable and are perfectly suited to many seasons and climate variations. They are especially comfortable in summer.

Wedge sandals

Another type of sandals that are being used a lot, are the Wedge models, are easy to carry and combine well especially with casual attire. There are a variety of colors and styles within Wedge sandals sure you accommodate.


If there is a kind of very famous sandals, is the sandal type, usually are widely used in hot climates, on the beach, etc. But that does not stop you can combine them with urbanites outfits.Whenever you choose well your style, they can be of much help.

Wedge sandals

Another way to never lose the feminine style that characterizes you is sandals with wedge type models, these are especially convenient if you plan to walk long walks. They adapt perfectly to every lifestyle and always look very modern.

Strappy sandals

One of the principles of all models of sandals, is that they are always fresh. And one of the best meets this requirement is the model strips, because although covering the entire foot, allowing the passage of air, which makes it a kind of very cool and ideal for hot weather shoe.

Mini Wedge

If the Wedge models are your favorite, but do not you dare to wear high heels, we suggest you try mini Wedge models, as they are much easier to carry and less tired in case you need to stand long.

Low Alpargatas

This principle of “less heel” also applies to the espadrilles that while models are very cute, sometimes are impractical to go out and take long walks. Fortunately, there is the option of reducing its platform and carry a much more comfortable shoe.

Swedish type sandals

If instead you like modern high heels with outrageous models, Swedish type sandals can fill your expectations. They are equally fresh and with a very rustic feel mainly cater to beachgoers styles.

Houndstooth Sandals

Finally sandals models that can not miss are the houndstooth. They are renowned for their comfort and flexibility of your style, allowing them to combine with any casual or formal attire with which they can combine.


In fact, the great advantage of sandals is the variety that exists to adapt to either style and especially to feel always comfortable.