Top 10 Long Dresses

The variety of dresses that you have to choose from is enough, which is why this season we bring you the top 10 of dresses that will suit the occasion to look very feminine and highlight your figure.

Night dresses

Evening dresses are ideal to express your personality and elegance on very special occasions as it can be a graduation, a wedding or a family event that requires it.

Gauze Long Dress

A dress that gives freshness and simplicity, very suitable for an informal party or a night out with friends, there are also transparent which will fill you with sensuality and freshness.

Long dress with long sleeves

A very elegant simple design, but you can take it with platform shoes, your figure will wear thin and very presence, all fem fatal.

Long Dress with Pattern

A dress with very dynamic, suitable for a sunny afternoon, the advantage is that it is suitable to wear with heels or simple sandals, the important thing is your comfort.

Long Black Dress

A dress that certainly can not miss in the closet of every woman, a black dress is suitable for many occasions, a dress very strongly that fill you with presence and elegance. Read Clothing Bit Translators for how to choose long dresses.

Dress with neckline

If what you want is to highlight your best features, this dress with cleavage is right for you, captivates looks with this V neckline that will steal glances.

Dress with lace

A classic design, but that does not stop going out of style, you can choose them with or without sleeves depending on the time that you require, undoubtedly highlight your femininity.

Red Dress

Like the black, red is a color very strongly, and not seeking discretion, on the contrary will make highlight by far with its captivating tones, is suitable for all occasions, you’ll feel of the place.

Long Dress with slit Leg

A dress daring and full of sensuality, a pronounced leg opening helps to look taller and with good heels your figure will be more stylized.

Long Dress Casual

A casual dress is ideal for a walk a quiet afternoon, are simple, fresh and spring-summer season have many designs to choose from, you can take them with some open platforms or sandals.


Remember to choose the dress according to the occasion and do not forget the accessories that are certainly more that helps your style attribute, always wearing the best of you.