Top 10 Hats Fashion

As stated on Elaineqho, hats are ideal for the season, as it will protect from sunlight and also give you a fun and flirty touch, thanks to its various, models, patterns and designs, can combine with everything from formal wear to  casual clothes; fashion hats see who go with you.

10. Berets

Some fashion hats that will always be in , if you already have an old lady and want to update the style, do yourself a side braid beret and stand opposite side, you’ll look very chic. 

9. Bombín

Were typical London gentlemen’s hats, gained its popularity in the late nineteenth century and contributing formality and style were associated with the upper classes, women now wear hats and are very original and fun fashion.

8. Style 20 Years

As always returns retro style and modernized with a modern touch, prints or floral motifs, but these fashion hats still retain their original essence of the 20’s.

7. Fedora Colorful

This is one of the fashion hats commonly used by celebrities, there are models with different colors, materials and designs, but strong like fuchsia, pink Mexican, orange, red, are the best option to give a touch of fun and fashion to a sober look.

6. Floppy

Conspicuous by their size and peculiar appearance, are very feminine and other fashion hats favored by the famous, as they give a sophisticated, elegant and air chic entire look.

5. Fedora Black Feathered

As we had mentioned, this style of fashion hats are very versatile, black is a favorite because it gives certain elegance to a casual or casual look, they will look incredible if you put them together with jeans tube, top white, a jacket and heels.

4. Panama

One of the most convenient hats for fashion this spring, thanks to its considerable size very well protects us from the sun and due to the type of material that is made is extremely light.

3. Trilby

These fashionable hats are another of the best options for the season, as they are similar to the fedora model but vary in the wing, which is narrower or wider, opt for one in dark color so that it can combine with everything.

2. Floppy Straw

It is the same wavy, large and sophisticated style but made of an ideal heat storage material, straw, which besides being super lightweight thanks to its yellowish beige, with everything.

1. Straw Fedora

By combining one of the models more hats worn by women, with one of the favorite materials of the season, the result is one of the best fashion hats 2016.

Choose a model with hat you feel good and comfortable, you can have one of each style and combine it with different looks, it is a fun and versatile accessory.