Top 10 Hairstyles with Braids

In this spring summer hairstyles braids are very trendy and are perfect to wear them on any occasion, so here are the top 10 most popular braids.

10. Traditional Braid

It is the hair with braids that we all know, you can wear whatever you like, add some modern accessories and add a touch of glamor. Looks beautiful and stylish.

9. As diadem

Using a hairstyle with braids you can create a headband that makes you look your hair down or picked up, as shown in the image. Proposal ideal for a special occasion or to go for a walk and see beautiful.

8. Gathered

These hairstyles with braids are simple but sophisticated, can take them to parties or gatherings with this hairstyle will be in trend and still look very elegant.

7. semirecogidos

It is a very simple hairstyle to do, they are ideal for everyday or for a special occasion, just do one or two braids and leave the rest of the hair down .

6. Braid pin

This type of hair with braids is the favorite of many women, because it is an exotic and incredible look that attracts attention and above all will make you look sensational.

5. Braid sewn

It is one of the hairstyles with braids that made us girls, you just have to start from the top of the head and go collect hair for parties to have this result. Look you’ll love this hairstyle.

4. Braid on the fringe

It is one of the new hairstyles with braids, in which is replaced bangs aside for a baked braid a stylish hairstyle, perfect for attracting the gaze of others and look very natural.

3. Multitrenzas

It hairstyle with braids perfect if you visit the beach or just to take care of your hair from climate changes, will make you look cool and fashionable. A bold style, ideal to show off your beautiful hair.

2. Circular

A funny braids hairstyle that envelops the entire head, besides being fresh for this season of heat, gives a touch of elegance to your look.

1. Braids with collected

This hairstyle with braids is a favorite of celebrities, is ideal for a gala, with a touch of elegance and simplicity.

Try one of these hairstyles and see that will make you look and feel beautiful, fresh and above all very natural woman. Dare yourself!