Top 10 Hairstyles Semirecogidos

Create semirecogidos hairstyles with iron hair and use your accessories hair favorites, if you want a new look sometimes you just have to experiment a little more with what you have.

10. Front plane and smoothing

Perfect for wide fronts and if you want to look very clean and tidy. Make sure your hair is well smoothed front and create a soft waves at the tips of your hair.

9. Light crepe with side bangs

Made the right way, semirecogidos hairstyles can be very elegant. Angelina here shows him using his bangs aside and crepe to adorn your look light.

8. Crepe and front pool

In semirecogidos hair, ears are usually discovered; to create a balance in the appearance of your face, add volume on the top of your hair with a beautiful smooth crepe and waves that fall on your shoulders.

7. tousled side Chignon

A tousled hairstyle may be the best if you want to keep your neck free hair or want to show off that beautiful turtle neck or halter, this is the hairstyle for you. Let strips of hair falling freely and smoothly around the sides of your face.

6. Party collected half with retro

Feminine, stylish and delicate. To achieve this look that carried the star of Glee at the Golden Globes, simply part your hair into two from above and adjusts every part of your hair with a cute pin. Ends with waves at the tips.

5. Hairstyles semirecogidos Headset

It is the easiest hairstyles my list. So simple it is, the main action occurs due to huge crepe. Secure it with spray and retouch with a diadem of your choice and flashy and big earrings. Very retro!

4. Media tail with soft waves

With the right accessories, this hairstyle is worthy of the Oscars. The secret is to keep hair silky, frizz-free, very soft and subtle waves and beautiful romantic earrings.

3. Braids side

Miley Cyrus knows how to take advantage of a casual hairstyle. The gait look unkempt and that do not really cost anything hairstyle is very cute you bring in. let some hair fall across the braid too.

2. Braid

A braid can be the perfect headband too. Give a romantic touch to a simple hairstyle opting for this option. Your makeup should be soft and pink to complete the look.

1. high ponytail

A look bolder in semirecogidos hair, a tail very high horse with a chingon to the top. If your hair is crazy you also get dressed unusual.