Top 10 Hairstyles for the Office

Are you tired of always look the same? We leave 10 easy hairstyles  to see you cute in the office. Reinvent your look with these practical styles and spectacular look in those days where work commitments, joints and stress not leave you time for anything. Dare to them, you’ll notice are easy!

10. Braid pin

If you have long hair, this herringbone braid is ideal to wear. Not because braids, cease to be elegant; today this type of hairstyles are trending. It is very easy to do, start with small segments and continues until braiding as shown in the image. If your workspace is small, it is ideal for those days where the heat is unbearable.


Did you past that you wake up late and in a hurry to get to your job ?, with this wheel semi disposal, it will solve. In addition to seeing fresh, you can comb your hair in 10 minutes, without the need to make an extravagant hairstyle. Remember that simplicity, it looks much better.

8.Recogido romantic with band

Use accessories to help you raise your hair style and in a different way. A band is perfect to pick up your hair, without suffering so annoying that can be the hairpins or pins. Gradually entangles your hair, according to the steps shown in the picture. If you want a formal hairstyle, but quick to do, this is the ideal.


If you do not like lift your hair but want to give it another go , do impellers in your hair. No marques too to make them look as natural as possible, apply fixative so they last throughout the workday. No matter if your hair is short or long, this hairstyle will look great in any of the two styles.

side 6.Trenzas

For those times when you do not have the best mood to go to work and prefer to take the loose hair, make this hairstyle. Are just two simple, thin braids in front, which will give another view your hair. If you have bangs, try to braid side look better.

5.Coleta classic elegant

Make a ponytail, always works. Try to make it as high as possible to make it look the detail around the league with which keep your hands. The classic will always look good if you reinvent, for those days when you do not have time for anything, this hairstyle is perfect.

4.Moño semirecogido

Sometimes after work you may have other plans, if that’s the case, try to make this bun. The hairstyle will help you look modern, while the professional look that characterizes you in the office. Look how easy it is to do, dare and looks sensational.

3.Chongo screwed

The chongos are what today. To make it look different, roll your hair as shown in the picture and make it look like a very detailed hairstyle, not knowing that it was very easy for you. Does it look amazing, no? Do not hesitate and so comb your hair any day of the week.

2.Coleta side with knots

Does it look complicated? Then you’re wrong. The knots are one of the easiest hairstyles to do. See how this option looks elegant. Follow these 7 steps to do and make all tip over to see you in the office, sure will love how you look.

1.Cabello loose with band

Now if what you prefer is to wear my hair, but still look on trend. Brush your hair and put the band or diadem you like for your chosen outfit. Try this accessory has a simple design to make it look fine and modern. Sure you’ll look great and feel very comfortable.

So you have 10 new ideas to see cute in the office. Use the hairstyle that suits you best and change your look every day with these quick options.