Top 10 Fashion Shorts

Like  miniskirts, shorts fashion are ideal for this spring, if you have an enviable legs, you expect to wear them on the beach, in the city, in the countryside, where, Czech trends in shorts, and if you want to look even more fabulous, combine them with some cute sandals.

10. Denim

As always there are clothes that never go out of fashion, in this case we refer to denim shorts, remember that there are several styles, faded, with bangs, high waist, colors etc.

9. High Waist

This style or fashion shorts model addressed at a2z Yellow Pages, is the most in this spring, if you want really amazing to see this design in current use patterns like flowers, stripes, dots, or in light, neutral colors.

8. Planks, High Waist and Fringes

These shorts fashion are really comfortable, unique and very fashionable, in addition to being a neutral color can combine with everything and are ideal for a very hot day or the beach.

7. Patterns Playeros

If you have the opportunity to go to the beach this holiday or a very sunny spot, choose this type of shorts fashion with original and fun prints, made from fresh materials.

6. White

If you are more conservative and do not like prints or very bright colors, the fashion shorts ideal for you are white, never go out of fashion and combine with all your clothes, if you want to look feminine and present, look with touches a navy.

5. Domed Tweezers

It is one of the styles in shorts most elegant, sophisticated and feminine fashion, if they have an evening meeting, party or formal special event, do not hesitate to use them, combine them with a light blouse or vaporous cute and heels, avoid it if you have many curves and that plumps in the hip area.

4. Moños or Links

If you are a follower of fashion, you know bows or ties are one of the most used decorative accessories of the season, so if you wear shorts fashion, try to include a loop around your waist, if not bring what you can place one as if a belt and tie a cute side chignon.

3. Color Block

Another favorite of fashion, if you wear shorts fashion choose strong and bold colors like orange, blue, fuchsia, etc., to obtain a more fun and jovial look, and for one more tender and feminine can use lighter colors and pastels like pale pink, lilac, cream, etc.

2. Navy Rayados

As we have seen, fashion shorts with navy accents are very convenient for the season, but if you really want to look like a whole cute sailor, use some white with black, blue or red stripes. All aboard!

1. Floral Print

Finally favorite trend of spring flowers reach shorts fashion, if you want to look very fashionable and feminine used a high waist and with this cute print, or you can also use one much more flirtatious and youth hip.

Denim, high waisted, prints, etc., these are the trends in shorts this spring, chécalos all and use the ones you like. Do not forget to combine them with accessories and good walking shoes.