Top 10 Dresses Vintage

The trend retro or vintage has become very fashionable in recent times, ranging from clothing to makeup and hairstyles, so we show what dresses with this trend should not miss in your closet are.

Dress with buttons

This dress is perfect for these hot days, it is light and very fresh, also it has a romantic touch with flowers and buttons decorate, it is ideal for use with a casual look.

Floral dress

A vintage dress that can not miss in your wardrobe is one with a floral print, this type of dresses are very fashionable for the season and will look for any occasion.

Dress Line

Moved to the age of 60 your wardrobe with this dress in section A, is elegant and very feminine, perfect for you to use it in a more formal occasion, his neck bow gives it a very cozy and romantic touch.

V Neck Dress

Based on A2Z Clothes Buying Guides, this vintage dress V neck is much more formal and sophisticated, a good choice for work or dinner, has 3/4 sleeves perfect slimming arms and with a retro touch bulging shoulders.

Lace Dress

Lace dresses are very fashionable this season as part of vintage fashion, are very romantic and feminine dresses that you can wear with a casual look or something more elegant.

Dress Holgado

If the word comfort is your thing, this dress is perfect for you, is a loose dress with bell sleeves and folds in the neck, perfect if you want to hide that pesky belly, you can give an elegant or casual touch, you decide.

Sleeveless dress bulging

The bulging sleeves return this season and can show them off in this vintage form-fitting dress is very appropriate to go to a party dress it is elegant and very sophisticated.

Dress with polka dots

One of the patterns that shone brightest in the 60s were the moon and do not be surprised they are back, so if you want to look modern and charming vintage dress, opt for a dress with polka dot print skirt in A and give it a feminine touch with a belt contrast.

Bobo Neck Dress

The bobo neck is one of the fashion trends this season, gives a gentle touch to your look modern but at the same time, this kind of dresses we see parading during the summer and is perfect for a casual look.

3/4 Sleeve Dress

If you are looking for an elegant but cozy dress, this dress is ideal, has skirt in A and is adhered to the top, is made of lace fabric which gives a romantic and feminine touch, is perfect to go a wedding.