Tips to Get Faster in a Bikini

It’s always the same thing, summer is approaching and ready … we found extra pounds that were not in our plans very well, all is not lost, there are still a few more days for the hottest season of the year, which is when our clothes are lighter and our body, thus, more on display. But, there’s still time to run after the injury to make nice on the sands of the beach or pools, then, last call to decrease the measures. Now is not to lose focus and try to adopt certain behaviors in your day to day can help you burn those extra pounds that are bothering you and can make nice inside the bikini. Paper and pencils, note the tips:

Exercise: no doubt that this is a powerful and perhaps the most effective weapon for weight loss and quickly enter in So find a time for you to find time in your day to work out. According to the experts, the ideal is to exercise in the morning, which is when people usually have more energy and breath than in other times.

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Eat properly: in this case, specifically, is not necessarily what you eat but how you eat, because, believe me, eat the right way can influence, and, your diet. So, try cutting food into small pieces, because this approach deceives the brain, making you feel satisfied more quickly.

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Drinking warm water before meals: Yes, it’s true, according to research, this habit helps you feel satisfied more quickly, not to mention still decreases the appetite.

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Ingest teas during the day: The tea can take the desire to eat sweets, facilitates the burning of fat and promotes satiety and some, such as the Green, still detoxify, are refined, speed up metabolism and burn fat.

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Eat every 3 hours: Yes, this is serious, you need to eat right for your metabolism to work correctly. That means no going hungry, your body may think you are experiencing deprivation and start saving energy! But very quiet at this time, of course, is not to dig in in chocolate, ice cream and puddings, the power supply must be lighter and healthier, with lean proteins, fiber and other nutrients.

Okay, now it’s up to you, try changing your habits, change the elevator the stairs, get up to change the TV channel, but, mainly, look, at least walk every day. Then run to put the Bikini and enjoy the summer.