Tips to Dress up for a Wedding

Dressing for a wedding is more the planning and improvisation. The aim is to maintain a delicate balance: shine without shadow to the bride. Here, 5 tips to achieve this.

  • Adopt the dress code if there is a

Colors imposed, specified theme or dress explicit code: sometimes the bride and groom set a dress code-slot stated on the announcement. If this is your case, it is better to make them happy by paying you to the game, especially if you are a guest: witness, Maid of honor, Member of the family…

  • Banish the White

Anycountyprivateschools requires, white and color equivalents are reserved for the bride. Strong, fortunately, all other colours are permitted, including black, once excommunicated wedding ceremonies. In summer, light and colourful tones, or even flowers, patterns are still more sensible… and equally elegant.

  • Respect the atmosphere of the wedding

The indication of the place can also help the choice of your outfit. If the ceremony takes place abroad, it is (strongly) recommended to apply stylistic standards of the country. Thus, a marriage in the United States involves impeccable with nickel manicure and blow-dry sculptural beauty while the French will build on the effortless elegance. Another example: a framework of marriage country agrees more Bohemian style to a wedding in a hotel of high standing.

  • To dress with elegance

Given the circumstances, elegance and sobriety are betting: dresses sheath, pencil skirt, tailor-smoking and other parts from a refined knowledge-porter are invited to the festivities. Avoid the too short, too much cleavage, the too tight and, of course, too cheap. Other requirements: print flashy, type camouflage and leopard, which are contrary to the stylistic propriety imposed for a wedding.

  • Choose the right accessories

To compliment your outfit, nothing like the Accessories: a wedding Hat -sounding summer, jewelry wooded with moderation, a little Crown to flowers to stay in the romantic spirit… Also, plan a nice pair of heels that will surely enhance your set. Ultimate care: the classic pair of flats, row in your bag, just in case where your feet would take their pain with patience.