Tips to Decorate the Table for Christmas Dinner

Because it is a unique and highly anticipated dinner during the year, the Christmas dinner deserves to be held in a cozy space, prepared with very whim. And a few simple details can help host to brighten this party and meet family and friends in a special way.

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Miriam Paterno, who specializes in banquets and restaurant manager Athens, located in Ribeirão Preto (SP), ensures that any person is able to mount a good table for dinner. As a general rule, she suggests the maxim of “less is more”, that is, the ideal is to have common sense and be careful not to load the environment with a mixture of information – colors, ornaments etc.

Beyond traditional dishes and drinks, some elements can make this meal even more elegant. Miriam CITES Christmas chestnuts and dried and fresh fruits (grape, Plum, Nectarine, cherry, pomegranate) as foods that complement the menu and make it more sophisticated supper, as well as tasty they exude a pleasant smell. The specialist argues that pieces of porcelain or crockery and pots are charming objects that can support the fruit and other snacks.

Next to the dishes and cutlery, Miriam indicates put a treat for our guest, which can be a truffle wrapped in a gold paper, a gingerbread decorated, a mini Panettone or any other sweet, accompanied by a small card. In addition to decorative, they can assume the role of souvenirs.

According to bestcraftblog, another tip of the Manager is to table an edible Christmas tree, decorated with candies, candies and chocolates. She also gives the option to set up a tower of carolinas (typical confectionery candies), which also refers to the idea of a Christmas ornament, especially the tree.

Tools-traditional Golden candles and other paraphernalia in colors of red, green and gold are still certain bets for the occasion, as suggests. The napkins, for example, can be tied with bonds of colours mentioned that combine perfectly with the suggested fruits basket or with an arrangement of red roses.