Tips to Combine Jeans with Jeans on the Look

He reappears in all seasons, in various versions, according to the trends. But, the fact is that the tradicionalíssimo jeans is eternal in fashion and, in equal measure, loved by all. Versatile, jovial, comfortable and modern, jeans combines with practically everything, although it is suitable for informal occasions. Can earn a more sophisticated, with elegant furnishings, as well as a super casual aspect, combined with simple details. With so many qualities, it is perfectly possible to combine jeans with jeans in the look, without fear of making mistakes. Here are some tips.

How To Match Colors

To match the colors (actually called washes) is very simple. Most washes of jeans can be considered neutral. The exception is the colored jeans, that deserve greater attention. However, basically, just combine neutral colors with the color washes and will be hard to miss.

When in doubt, prefer the combination of tone-on-tone jeans parts. Still, this is not the only possibility. A pair of pants, shorts or a denim skirt with dark wash, looks great, when combined with denim shirts, tops, vests or other parts in Pale jeans.

It is worth remembering that, to wear jeans with jeans, it is not necessary that the pieces are monochromatic. Washes they bring spots, gradients or details detonadinhos also accept very well other jeans, with different washes.

The tie dye jeans also follows the same idea of combinations. The other piece may have a neutral wash jeans, either bright or dark. If it has a color similar to tie dye, better yet, although this is not a rule.

How To Increase The Visual Jeans Jeans

The looks with jeans, and traditionally are used in informal occasions. Means that it is not appropriate to use it, for example, on occasions that require more sophistication such as weddings, graduations, elegant parties, etc. However, even for casual events, you can give different styles to look with denim jeans. It’s know to combine accessories.

So, it’s worth making a game of contrast between the simplicity of jeans and necklaces, bracelets or most fashionable shoes. The neutrality of the jeans that his strip and allows the appearance of simplicity.

Try, for example, wear pants and denim shirt, betting in a beautiful maxicolar and a pair of shoes fashion, with brilliance or fashion print. You’ll be ready for the night, without any errors.

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