Tips on Wearing Bras

Small lightweight subject this morning because Hotmilk sent me this very olé olé (and funny) short video tips on trying on Bras (do not look office huh?):

You will notice that the BRA so beautifully highlighted the Luminous (available from the 85 C to 105 F).

Humor (and naughty hints of more or less good taste) aside, take your measurements before choosing your bra size is really important (and not so light that!)

Many of not wearing the right bra size for you. How do I know? Because we receive every week dozens of requests for aid to the choice, and when I compare the size of BRA you’re wearing now, and your measurements, I often notice a true delta. Sometimes I say to you: “But with a round bottom of chest 78 cm and a headband 100 BRA, you do not have the BRA which go back a little in the back?”And you tell me “Yeeees it infuriates me, how do you know? AHA.

During pregnancy the rib cage moves away, sometimes much, and it is even more pronounced among those who are initially small. Suddenly a woman can move from a 85, a 90, or even a 95 at the end of pregnancy. Which does not mean that his chest has necessarily much increased volume… But she can’t breathe in her early pregnancy bras. So here, too, to measure chest size is essential.

You tell me it’s broken-up to compete, and also have no tape at home. I answer that either you use a simple string or Ribbon (and you are transcribing the measures with a rule of office) or you print and tape end to end a paper here to download meter for example.

We continue to add to the site a wide range of nursing bras, trying to have a large selection of styles and sizes. Not always easy because it takes a crazy place at the warehouse (logisticians laugh when they see they have rays and the rays of the 85 B at 105 G/H Bras) and maintain the right level of stock in the right sizes is an exercise in a crazy complexity!

In the new developments of which I am particularly pleased, we have new full cup bra defined on theinternetfaqs. And small detail that is important, it is matched to a super pretty and technical panties flat stomach. (or a brief low size perfect for pregnancy.)

And we also get these days two new models of Lingerie, a new “My Bust” line really extra Cake as proposed in two cups depending on the depth of bonnet-a smart idea and really well executed. See model India and the Provencestyle. These are also the models that will be photographed on the finalists of the Cake Lingerie casting, it will be really great!

Recently, I watched the blog readership statistics. And guess what is the most read article of all? Well that’s one titled ” but what nursing bra choose? .” So, I took the opportunity to update it with the new bra designs that we offer at the moment.Good reading!